Keep it simple: The lesser the better


Peter Huggins
By Eagle StaffHuggins Grayscale

 It should not be hard to be simple. Asking a girl

to homecoming should not be some enormous


Men are supposed to hate decorations and fluff.

These days, guys spend more time thinking

about how to ask a girl to homecoming than

about their homework.

We are not asking girls to marry us, or even to prom. People at this school tend to take the

homecoming dance pretty lightly, so there is no need to freak out about asking a girl to go with you.

There is no need to go over the top. In a day where so many people do so, flowers and a simple

invitation would make you seem unique rather than generic.

It is pretty hard for such a basic plan to go wrong. Compare that to a complex scheme that has a lot of

moving parts; it could easily blow up in that guy’s face, leaving him humiliated. Girls and the world

they live in are already complicated enough. Why would a guy have any desire to further complicate

it? If anything, a girl wants a guy to be a calming influence on their lives.

It seems like there is a unsaid competition going on between guys these days to see who can be more

creative in asking a girl to a dance. Why? We are guys, and these attempts to constantly one-up each

other is not something that we typically do.

In fact, something I have come to realize is that guys are trying to be creative for their own benefit. Do

not go overboard just to see if you can do it.

The way you ask a girl to the dance is not going to make her fall in love with you; I am sorry if this

bursts your bubble. If you are under the illusion that the perfect invitation will evoke feelings of

affection from a girl, you are wrong. However, showing her how great you are while at the dance can

change that.

So stop focusing on how you are going to ask a girl to the dance and start thinking about how she

wants to be treated while at homecoming.

St. Thomas is an all-boys school. Homecoming should be about us. Remember, we are not asking the

girls to commit the rest of their lives to us. It is just dinner and a dance.

Do not be that guy that posts a four-minute long video asking a girl to homecoming. We are men, and

we like meat and football, not painting posters and making candy baskets.

All you need is a collared shirt and some flowers. But do not forget to wear deodorant. Hygiene is a

pretty important part to flattering a girl into going to homecoming with you.

Do not ask the girl over the football intercom. That is a cop-out. Be a man and ask her yourself.

If you are scared of asking a girl, this is time to face your fear. Being up front and real are two rather

important things in your development towards becoming an adult.

Men keep it real. No fluff, no games. It never works out when you try to do too much.

However, if you feel strongly about asking a girl in a big way, do it. While it may not be my style,

going big could be the right thing to do in your case. I am just giving my two cents on this issue.