Pardee commits to UH, continues tradition


By Nick Borgman
Eagle Staff

The name Pardee carries a lot of weight in Houston football.

Senior Payton Pardee will add to his own pedigree next year, as he has committed to play Division I

football at the University of Houston next year.

The history of football in the Pardee family is rich. Payton’s Grandfather, Jack Pardee, was an All-

American linebacker at Texas A&M and the head coach of the UH Cougars, the Chicago Bears and the

Houston Oilers.

Payton will be following his passion for long snapping, which he has gone all across the country to

camps in the pursuit of honing his skill. Pardee hopes to be a major contributor on special teams


Few believed that Pardee would actually fulfill his dream of playing division I NCAA football. “Yeah,

Payton is pretty good, but I didn’t expect him to go DI,” said Jared Hoesel, senior football player. “But

Payton did it”.

“I always knew I could do it. I just had to go out there and do the work and if I put in enough time, I

would get there. I still have to keep working, I can never stop,” Pardee said.

Pardee could have chosen to go to Texas A&M and tried to walk on, but he decided to be a Preferred

Walk On at the University of Houston. Pardee still does not know what he plans to study while he

plays football.

His work ethic in the weight room is also unquestionable. He is able to bench press almost three Jack

Brady’s. (That’s a lot of Jack Brady’s.)

Pardee’s workout numbers are impressive. If you ask any senior who they associate protein with the

most, they will tell you, Pardee.

He benches 325 pounds of iron.

But he is fast, too.

His average 40-yard dash time was an explosive 4.68 seconds. This is only a part of what makes him

such a tantalizing prospect.

Recently, Pardee showed why a D-I football program would invest in him by absolutely obliterating

Strake Jesuit quarterback Zach Zubia and forcing a fumble in the Eagles’ thrilling 11-7 victory.

While he is not on scholarship, Pardee hopes to earn one by proving his worth freshman year. He

believes that, while it will be difficult, he can get there.

Recently, the University of Houston has struggled on special teams, where someone like Pardee could

make an impact for the Cougars.

Botched snaps are a big reason, which means that Pardee could make an impact sooner rather than