Rise in school spirit pumps up student body


By Editorial Staff
Eagle Staff

School spirit has risen drastically this year. With the pep rallies, football games and Walk-a-thon,

student spirit has been bigger than ever. The current Student Council and Eagle Guard has done a

stupendous job of improving all aspects of school this year.

The pep rallies, with the help with of Eagle Guard, have improved significantly. As students have

seen, not only are the videos better but the speeches given by Eagle Guard are better than ever.

But pep rallies are not the only improvement.

Walk-a-thon was huge. With the help of the Student Council, students had a great time. Student

Council also brought something new to Walk-a-thon and possibly a new tradition, the root beer kegs.

The root beer kegs were the highlight of Walk-a-thon and are definitely something to bring back.

But the biggest improvement in school spirit has happened because of the football games. With three

wins, the student section rowdier than ever, and the incredible comeback in the Strake game, the

school truly wants St. Thomas to go all the way this year. If school spirit continues to go in this

direction, the St. Thomas brotherhood will be stronger than ever.