The Replacements: Scout team all-stars


By Bryan Stieneker
Eagle Editorial Board

There is a lot of fame and glory that comes with being a starter on the football team. Something that

is not as glorious is the life of the back-ups. These highly important people make a huge difference in

the quality of play from the starters.

Senior Austin Ralph is the second-string quarterback and scout team all-star. When asked on the

importance of his role on the team Ralph referred to his play against our own starting defense during

practice. He makes the team better by performing as an opposing quarterback would.

“Me balling out in practice helps the team ball out on Friday nights,” Ralph said.

The first team defense also has to deal with speedster and deep threat Dominic Vasquez, who is

Ralph’s favorite target, and provides the starting defense with a challenge on every down.

“You get better by playing the best, and that’s what I provide for our defense,” Ralph said.

Assistant coach Keith Page knows first hand the talent these two possess.

“The first thing that comes to mind [about Vazquez] is the mismatch for the cornerbacks,” Page said.

Page also referred to Ralph as “a left-handed Brett Favre.” This just explains the type of talent that

the Eagles have on the bench. Even the stoutest of defenses would be hard-pressed to stop the scout

offense from scoring at will.

There are several stand-out backups on the defensive side of the ball and special teams, including

senior Austin Dupont and senior Allen Krause.

Dupont in particular has no problems discussing his scout team prowess.

“I’m basically the Shane Lechler of high-school football,” Dupont said.

Krause is a destructive force on the scout team defensive line. Offensive line coach Tim Clarkson

acknowledges the value of having a player like Krause going against his O-line every day in practice.

“When there is a guy as talented as Allen going against our starting offensive lineman, it really

prepares us for the games each week,” Clarkson said.

This is only a small glimpse into the sheer ability of the scout team, and just how valuable they are to

the success of the starters on Friday nights. The coaches, students, and teachers can rest easy at night,

knowing that if anything were to happen to any of the starters, there are plenty of men that are willing

and able to step up to the task.