Cross Country sprints off the starting line


Coming off two impressive meets, the Eagles cross country team on the whole is shaping up to be an improved team compared to last year.

At last years Friday Night Lights meet, there was about a 1:20 gap between when the team’s first runner, Harrison Grant, a since graduated senior who was St. Thomas’ first ever state champion, crossed the finish line and the fifth runner. This year at the same meet, but with significantly better competition, the gap had shrunk to a minuscule 0:45 gap between the first runner, Wyatt George, a current junior, and the fifth runner.

The squad wants to improve on that mark in order to be in an ideal place the state meet. If the team can have a 15 second or smaller gap between the first and fifth man, then the team will be in a proper position.

“What we really trying to do right now is close the gap between our first and fifth guys while at the same time building the rest of the team in the same manners. Compared to where we were last year, the cross country team is at a whole new level in terms of work ethic, talent and commitment to winning state.”

-Dylan Murphy, Senior

In terms of talent with a strong dose of hard work, the team has returning varsity seniors such as Jonathon Rzasnicki and Jason Nania, in addition to some returning varsity juniors like Wyatt George and James Hebert and an outstanding crop of freshmen, including a couple of standouts like Leo Sayavedra, and Michael Banks.

Coach Reyes and Labus, both, have been instrumental to all of our teams success for the past 4 years with their incredible commitment to excellence for their athletes both inside the classroom and out on the field.

Every single member of the varsity cross country team for the last 4 years has been on at least Honor Roll if not St. Thomas Club. No other sport can say that.

Along with their commitment to academic excellence, Coach Reyes and Coach Labus have inspired the runners to have values, such as endurance, patience, and a superhuman work ethic. They inspire these values throughout the whole team with their example of undying dedication to a singular goal: to relentlessly improve the team with day after day of 6 a.m. practice and week after week of weekend-ruining cross country and Track meets, and month after month of slow but steady improvement, and year after year of getting excruciatingly closer and closer until St. Thomas is consistently winning state championships in cross Country.