Unaddressed speed bump issue urgently needs resolve


By Staff Editorial
Eagle Staff

Last year we raised the issues surrounding a then newly-installed speed bump near the parking

garage between the Basilian Residence and Granger Stadium.

All students who drive understand how bad the speed bump was last year. Despite legitimate

problems, it has gone unaddressed and so those problems continue into this year.

The speed bump has been a constant nuisance to the students drivers at school, taking a toll on both

drivers and their cars.

Scraped and scarred from the toil it took last year, we returned to find this location had received a

fresh coat of paint over the summer.

Take a walk out and look at it now: the scrapings are returning because the bump is still too high and

scratches the bottom of cars, not to mention the beating your suspension takes even when driving


There is no reason the speed control device installed in this location could not be remade like any of

the asphalt or plastic bumps in other locations behind the athletic buildings and in front of the school

and still remain effective. It would have been more prudent use of time and money to outright replace

it to be a proper device than to repaint it and have the issues continue.

A coat of paint just covers up the problem. Until it is properly addressed the paint will continue to

erode while the monster bump destroys the undersides of cars.