Participation in campus ministry integral part of student life


By Staff Editorials
Eagle Staff

Each year, we students are involved in many campus ministry activities. Whether through retreats

where we volunteered Loaves and Fishes Soup Kitchen or through outside activities like helping

refurbish the decks at Magnificat House, all campus ministry assignments are run smoothly and


Under the guidance of the extraordinary Director of Campus Ministry Marty Matulia, service projects

are always organized and always reach the desired goal. Matulia’s professionalism is what gets every

job done right and his kindness and generosity is what has brought the community closer together.

The relationships that campus ministry has formed with not only the community but also the greater

city of Houston is what makes our school something unique and distinct.

Through participating in campus ministry, students and parents are able to give back to the

community and feel a general sense of satisfaction that they are improving society, one service project

at a time. The school shows its Catholic roots and the true meaning behind our motto of Goodness,

Discipline and Knowledge.Embrace the opportunities to participate and be a part of something

meaningful, as this is a real component of being a Man of St. Thomas.