Anon alum throws down $6M ‘No Substitute for Victory’ guantlet


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Christopher Reul
Eagle Staff

As St. Thomas approaches the final hours of the

4500 Forever Capital Campaign, the total stands

some $28 million short of the $66 million goal.

That was until the emergence of an unlikely hero,

an anonymous alumni donor known only by his

alias, 4500 Mystery Man.

Many students may have not heard of this sleeping giant. This master of disguise may give the capital

campaign the boost it needs to secure the acquisition of the High School for Law Enforcement and

Criminal Justice, known as the North Campus.

The identity of this generous benefactor remains unknown, but his scheme in helping St. Thomas

reach its multi-million dollar goal is anticipated to motivate other big contributors to donate.

The “No Substitute For Victory” Challenge was announced by President Rev. Kevin Storey, CSB, prior

to the first ever live broadcast of a football game by our own Eagle Broadcast Network at Granger

Stadium Friday, Oct. 26 against Episcopal High School.

The short-term $6 million challenge constitutes that for every dollar donated and pledged to the

4500Forever campaign will be matched by the mysterious donor, up to $6M.

It is an act of creative magic, an attempt to turn a $6 million donation into a total of $12 million.

Inspired after the cardiac miracle win over Strake Jesuit, the anonymous donor felt a call to action.

“I was prompted to donate a large sum to St. Thomas because I believe in the history of the school

and want to see St. Thomas maintain its high standards well into the future,” the donor said.

Once STH officially gains the North Campus, St. Thomas’ property size will grow from 16 acres to 27

acres and will gain an additional 200 parking spots.

The increase in size of the campus also comes with a growth in the student body.

Presently, St. Thomas has over 745 students from over 120 zip codes. In the coming years, the school

plans on accepting an additional 25 students per year to reach 1,000 students.

“My hopes and dreams for St. Thomas include a high school which delivers an education for young

men growing into manhood in the 21st century,” the donor said.

$60 million is a large goal but, thanks to this mystery man and his lead gift, STH is on its way to an

assured victory when the December 15 closing date arrives.

“I hope that St. Thomas can continue to stress the core values of faith, and to create a culture that

instills respect, perseverance, courage, compassion, integrity and gratitude in its students,” the donor


The NSFV Challenge wraps up Nov. 14, just one year after STH was named the winning bidder on the


And until the Alumni Night football game Nov. 7, the mystery hero will remain just that: a mystery.