Eagle athletes look to student section

STH v Strake 9-5-2014 JP (650)
Seniors Will Zartler, Ben Hanks and Jay

By Jared Hoesel
Eagle Staff


The student section is one that is similar to the

“12th Man” at Texas A&M University.

The Eagles would not be the team they are

without the superb work from the student

section led by the Eagle Guard.

Since 2012 the Eagles have not lost a home

game mainly due in part to the student section.

Playing at Granger Stadium is similar to playing at Century Link Field, home of the Seahawks.

The Seahawks have only lost one game at home since 2012, largely thanks to the support their fans

bring and the atmosphere they create.

When asked about the excellent contribution that the student section has made senior Eagle Guard

Nick Borgman said that “I make the student section a pretty good home field advantage.”

The protectors of Tom Eagle lead the almighty St. Thomas student section with anything from t-shirt

cannons to the hoo-rah chants.

The Eagles football players love the hype that the student section provides for them while they are

battling on the gridiron.

When asked about the support they receive from the student section seniors Wendell Champion and

Jordan Lawrence gleamed with happiness while answering. “Sometimes I can’t even hear Coach

Fitzpatrick yelling at me because the student section is so loud,” Champion said.

“It really gives us a home field advantage,” Lawrence said. “The other offense cannot make play calls

because they cannot hear each other.”

When the other team is incapable of hearing play calls it leads to false starts, wrong routes, ill-advised

passes and a multitude of other things that helps our defense.

The student section definitely shows what school pride is all about.

Even though sometimes we do not have all of the students present it is always loud and crazy.

The players benefit from the added support that the students provide.

So every student needs to do everything they can to make it to the home games on Friday nights so

that the Eagles will have the home field advantage that they deserve.