High prices and limited variety stunts Sage’s success


Staff Editorial
By Eagle Staff

Lack of variety, lagging lines and inflated prices have been some of the biggest red flags about Sage

Dining. Here are some solutions that could solve all of these problems. A diverse diet is a good diet.

However, the cafateria has few options. The only food available on campus is provided by Sage


and while the food served is above average, the menu has become very repetitive. This has caused the

menu to become dull and somewhat boring.

The first solution that comes to mind is to put some vending machines around campus. While the


inside vending machines may not be best in terms of nutrition, it would be a cheaper way to get


Another issue is the amount of time wasted waiting in line. This is a self-inflicted wound by the

student body, as the only reason the lines have been moved is to prevent stealing. However, throwing

away valuable time is unfair to those students who do not have the impulse to steal.

The best way to fix this would be to make the punishment for stealing more severe. One way to

discourage stealing could be making the students pay for their thievery, but not with lunch

detentions. Instead of working for the school during a Saturday detention, they could instead work

for Sage during the ensuing week to repay for their stolen items. The last issue that has been

discussed is the extremely high prices. While Sage Dining is unlikely to change their prices, cheaper

options should be available. Perhaps they could have two cups sizes and a thriftier combo option.