Longer lunch needed with north campus expansion


Staff Editorials
By Eagle Staff

Lunch is the best part of the day where students can sit down and eat lunch with their friends and escape from school for a

short time. However, lunch never seems long enough.

By the time most students get their food from the lunch line and sit down, they have ten minutes to eat.

This is especially a problem for seniors who go to off-campus lunch.

By the time these seniors get to the restaurant of their choice and get their order, there is only a rushed five to ten minutes to

scarf down food and get back to school.

With the addition of the North Campus the dream of a longer lunch can now be a reality.

The new space available gives the school an opportunity to combine both lunch periods into a single period, which would be


A new setup would also allow students to have lunch with all of their friends, instead of getting split up into two lunches.

The new concept is one of the better things St. Thomas can do for students.