Sportsmen create lasting bond with neighbors across bayou


Group Photo of Deaf School VisitBy Worth Beard
Eagle Editorial Board

As students gear up for the start of the second

quarter, some of the finest student-athletes


across the bayou to the Melinda Webb School at

The Center for Hearing and Speech.

The Melinda Webb School at The Center for Hearing and Speech is a unique resource for students

with hearing disabilities.

The individual needs of each student are met by staff members certified in the areas of deaf

education, speech language pathology, early childhood or elementary education.

The visiting group consisted of student athletes among the ranks of senior wrestler Jared Enochs,

senior shortstop Max Machiorlette and junior safety David Jones.

Each of the students presented their respected sports demonstrating things like how to shoot a

basketball and how to snap a football.

“The kids were extremely excited to take in as much information as possible,” Enochs said.

The kindergartners were even able to try on their football helmets, football pads and catcher’s gear.

Enochs and fellow wrestler senior Campbell Clarkson demonstrated take downs that commonly take

place on the mat.

“Even though wrestling is not a very common sport and one they had never heard of, they were still

were interested and very attentive, and eager to try it out,” Enochs said.

Though it was joyful experience for both parties, the each student-athlete went home with a new

understanding of how blessed they really are.

“This experience showed me how a different their lives really are, these kids are born with a

disadvantage that is out of their control and it is great to have the opportunity help them learn about

a sport that I love,” Machiorlette said.

This trip to just across the bayou opens the eyes to a whole new world.

The experience is but another strong representation from our students of the motto “Teach me

Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.”