Aspiring Teenage Rappers of Houston


By Wendell Champion
Eagle Staff

For those who are looking for the next hot Houston native rappers you have come to the right guy. I

am here to give you guys a little inside scoop on some up and coming teenage artist trying to hold it

down for H-Town. Though I am the music guru, do not just take my word for it. Dive in it and

submerge yourself in the new age of Houston rap.


 At the beginning of 2014, some called him the

The Dark Knight of the senior hallways. Senior by

day  and legendary Houston rapper by night.

Khalil Hicks-Perry former student of St. Thomas

is one of the if not the greatest rapper ever to step

foot in the these hallways. His contribution to

putting Houston rap back on the map could earn

him a spot on the Hall of Honor in future years.

The music pioneer K-Trilla first hit the scene after

his hit “Sippa.” After this, fame came his way like a swarm bees searching for the sweetness. His rap

group Crown Clique, one of the most revered groups in H-Town, truly started hitting the scene when

it opened for the Migos.

He now attends Texas Tech University and still makes music that is ahead of this generation. His

music has proven not to just be a Houston favorite, but also in Lubbock. When asked what drives him

to making good music Khalil said, “I feel like people are sleeping on Houston rappers, so I’m trying to

put our city on the map again by using the screw with the trap music/beats.”

K-Trilla has used this to fuel him to become the best new rapper in Houston and the best musician

that has attended St. Thomas.

Grant ClassFullSizeRender (1)

Houston renowned rapper Grant Class who as been

compared to a more ambitious and good looking

version of Macklemore.” Grant Bolubasz, who is a

junior at St. Thomas, did not wait long to make his

mark on campus and Harris County.

Grant Class took his throne as the greatest

freestyler to ever walk the tiles of Rotunda with the

drop of his first hot freestyle of “Thrift Shop” ft

O’Beast, the beloved St. Thomas native Mr.


Once he hit the scene it was all up hill from there, with his top notch closet studio he has been able to

make great hits.

Grant Class has high hopes for being known as the greets Houston rapper ever and visions himself

winning a Grammy in the near future.

Just like K-Trilla, Grant Class also has high hopes that he will land a spot on the Wall of Honor.

Though that this is huge dream with his ability to make top hits, it is inevitable that he will land

himself a spot on the Wall of Honor.

Do not just take my word for it, experience the life changing lyrics for yourself.

Kwasei La・fFlareFullSizeRender (2)

This man has done things no other man has done

with his music, he has brought together the

people of great differences. Those have called

him the “Music Mandela” because his ability to

bring the St. Thomas and Strake communities


Kwasei La’Flare, who also represents Crown

Clique, hit the scene in a big way and had no

plans of slowing. His musical genius was shown

through multiple hot singles such as “Allat” featuring Camino Kent.

Though it was not until his mixtape “Trill Clinton” people truly realized what was happening in


The dynamic duo of Kwasei and K-Trilla was at hand. Kwasei is definitely the real deal landing gigs

such as opening for the well known rap group Migos at concerts.

Kwasei has made a great contest for the best new rapper in Houston. Forget the fact that he was a

Strake student.

He has some of the cleanest and precise freestyling flows and skills within the Crown Clique. You can

always find all of Crown Clique’s music free to listen to on the Soundcloud website or app.

If you enjoy bass, beats and good lyrics Kwasei La’Flare is your guy.

Mr. Juicy Jake FullSizeRender (3)

 Some may only know him by Jake Long, but those who truly keep

up with music know him by his stage name Mr. Juicy Jake.

Juicy Jake, the former St. Thomas student from the current senior

class, is slowly but surely making a name for himself.

People have claimed that he is the next greatest teen in the music

industry since Psy’s one hit wonder “Gangnam Style.”

Juicy Jake has an unique ability to incorporate good punch lines

with great beats. A rapper of his talent should blow up by next year.

The legend Juicy Jake came into the scene when he dropped

“Legend of the Sea Dragon” with this song his brilliance was shown to the Houston area.

Juicy Jake is spreading like a wild fire in the middle of the Pacific and the only thing that can stop

him from rising to the top is himself. St. Thomas students will not only remember Juicy Jake for his

music, but also for his artistic abilities.

It is to no contest that Juicy Jake will be the face of Houston music industry in the near future. Mr.

Juicy Jake’s ambition is what is going to get him there.