Eagles continue to grow on gridiron

Varsity vs Angleton - 09-26-14 - JMC 0301
The Eagle offensive line waits for a play call Sept. 26 at Wildcat Stadium in Angleton.

By Grant Anhorn
Eagle Staff

Since 2012, the Eagles are 24-4 overall, 22-2 in

the regular season and started the season 4-0

for the third consecutive year. Many people say

the culture of Eagle football changed in 2012

with the change of the head coach.

Head coach Tim Fitzpatrick desired to define

St. Thomas football as a tough and resilient

defense with an offense who grounds and pounds their way to victory. Fitzpatrick credits the Spring

semester lifting period for building the players physical abilities in a manner that did not take time

away from the players’ school work.

“Having the football players take PE in the Spring and have them get their lifting in killed two birds

with one stone,” Fitzpatrick said.

“I think a big part of the success is attributed to the in-school weightlifting,” assistant coach Rich

McGuire said.

Assistant coach Rich McGuire also joined the staff in 2012. McGuire is known for maintaining a solid

defense as well as analyzing the game from a bird’s eye view.

“The kids are just buying into what we are doing,” said McGuire. “And we are having great success

because of it.”

Having coaches that are at the school from dawn to dusk is a huge benefit. The coaches commit

themselves to football, because it is not just a game to this fine coaching staff.

The players are asked to give nothing less than full effort, whether it is in the film room, at game time,

on the practice field or in the class room. The coaches try to work with the players to find the best


“It is not my way or the high way as a coach,” Fitzpatrick said. “But you find middle ground to get the

kids playing at a faster level.”

Since 2011, the freshman team has practiced in the mornings, which allows for even the fish to be

coached by the same coaches who lead the Eagles on the field on Friday nights. The consistency

throughout the program allows for easier transitions for players as they get older and more skilled.

“Most of the changes were in place when the change at head coach occurred,” Fitzpatrick said. “The

ability for us to have one Freshman team that practiced in the morning allowed for more productive


“The same coaches throughout the whole program allows for everyone to be familiar with the

terminology,” McGuire said. “Everyone is on the same page,.”

Assistant coach Keith Page is in charge of the recruiting of students. He is in charge of getting the best

talent pool for our school in the classroom and the field.

The Eagle football team has developed a deep talent pool because of what St. Thomas can offer. The

superb academics coupled with successful academics are both key recruitment tools to lour young

athletes. These eighth grade all-stars are able to bloom into solid varsity players. Now every year the

football team has multiple TAPPS All-State award recipients.

Fitzpatrick knows that no team will be the same, and he tries his best to put kids in the right places at

the right time. Fitzpatrick said, “you tweak and change on personnel, and you are constantly evolving

or devolving, but you’re never going to be the same, because you get different kids with different skill


The three consecutive victories against Strake Jesuit, two wins against SPC teams and a domination

of a UIL 4A (Santa Fe) team are all prime examples of how St. Thomas has developed into a

powerhouse that can beat quality opponents on a week-in week-out basis.

The ability for the squad to be a contender for the State championship every year proves that St.

Thomas football is one of the elite football programs in the city of Houston.