Classic rock music genre makes a comeback


John HetmaniakHetmaniak Grayscale
Eagle Staff

Music is one of the greatest gifts that has been

given to us. It is without a doubt that it allows

everyone not only at STH, but in the greater

community worldwide to express him/her self.

Music is not only fun and enjoyable, but it is also

unique; it is a symbol of one’s personality.

Although there are many different genres of music, it is needless to say that perhaps one of the most

successful genres of all time is rock and roll. Rock and roll has impacted countless people from many


Rock and roll has a long history of evolution, change and adaptation to its time frame. The concept of

classic rock evolved out of rock’s peak during the 1970s and 1980s.

With bands that are still touring the country, visiting Houston, Texas, it is important that our

generation catches a glimpse of music’s past.

Rock and Roll was a totally foreign concept to society roughly seventy years ago.

As rock and roll was born in the 1950s, it truly became an instant revolution that would last for

decades to come.

Throughout rock’s history, there have been three main people / groups that truly changed the taste of

its music.

This transformation started with Chuck Berry in the 1950s. Berry truly revolutionized music by

introducing a new form of rock and roll that portrayed new riff styles and rhythms.

Jimi Hendrix revolutionized music, yet again, as he introduced a heavier tone of rock and roll in the

1960s that would eventually build up to Classic Rock.

Also, none other than Van Halen would ultimately transform rock and roll in the 1980s, giving it a

melodic tone with awesome guitar solos.

Nevertheless, it is evident that rock and roll is one of the most dominant forms of music. It has been

around for decades and countinues to have a strong group of listeners.

There are many opportunities for students, faculty and other members of the STH communities to

catch a glimpse of the classic rock days though Houston concerts.

As the 2014 year slowly winds to a close to witness these great groups and musicians within the

Houston area.

Although there are many different genres of music, a live performance is second to none.

A true live performance is one of the greatest things about rock and roll. Music can sound good

coming through ear buds, but it sounds incredible coming from the stage.

Fortunately, Houston offers state of the art venues for musical performance. Such venues include the

House of Blues, Cynthia Woodlands Mitchell Pavilion, Sam Houston Race Track and many others.

These many destinations allow students from STH to truly experience a live rock performance.

This is an experience that is second to none as it represents a valuable access to true music.

There are numerous classic rock bands coming to perform at these venues all around Houston.

Houston has become one of the few mecas for classic rock performers to come to.

Such bands include ZZ Top, Cheap Trick, Fleetwood Mac and many others. In fact, the Eagles, as well

as .38 Special, recently toured Houston.

Also, AC/DC is issuing their final tour to be put in place in the following year.

In addition, other smaller metal bands from the ’80s such as Poison are issuing tours yet again.

With a new, younger audience, classic rock is on the quick road to revival.

Due to sudden bursts of popularity from video games, movies, television shows, or EBN broadcasts,

classic rock is suddenly catching the ears of the youth. This will only escalate into a further pursuit of

the music.

Moreover, this age of rock and roll is coming back into its full swing.

As it rightfully should, being a superior form of music, classic rock is taking the stage once again.

So whether you are interested in the originals, or moderate rock, or even “hair-bands” from the

1980s, there is a concert for you. Regardless, there are many different types of classic rock.

All of them exhibit a unique form of music and rare opportunities that can’t be missed.

Overall, classic rock definitely has the power to compete in the world of entertainment today.

With its famous entertainers, rich heritage, and valued performance, its demand is just as high as

other modern genres of music.

As mentioned earlier, music is a very unique gift. In order to truly enjoy it, one must view all kinds of

music to truly grasp its power.

As rock and roll is rising to a new standard, it is important we still value its classic origins.

Classic rock is making a comeback, and it is up to us to experience it firsthand.