Free periods lead to Less Stress, Better Results


by Cameron Cash
Eagle Staff

When most students think of senior year, they think of the promised land.

Seniors think of having easier schedules, fun electives and less homework.

They envision hanging out with their friends for one more year before leaving for college.

Senior year is more than a time to worry about whether they are going to pass the classes that are

required of them to graduate.

Students should have more free periods during their senior year.

Students at Strake Jesuit have a free period starting freshman year and can schedule more in their

last year on campus.

Meanwhile, while Strake seniors are having two break periods a day where they can do whatever they

want, St. Thomas seniors are taking hard classes that have almost no impact on what college they are

going to get into and attend.

By senior year students have already established how their grades are, and an easier senior year

would show growth in their grades.

Furthermore, easier class schedules with more breaks would raise the accumulative averages of

seniors and perhaps push their total average from an 89 to a 90.

Senior year should be about having fun. Entertaining classes should be at the forefront of the


An easier class schedule would let seniors have more time to hang out with their friends.

“I already have Eagle Pass, but I would love it if I had more free periods,” senior Christian Kitchen


Underclassmen would benefit from more free periods senior year as well.

“If there were more free periods senior year I know I would definitely look forward to it,” junior

Jeremy Peck said. “I wish they would let underclassmen have more free periods too, but having free

periods senior year would be a privilege worth having.”

One way to incentivize students could be by having a GPA requirement to get these privileges.

This would not be the ever popular Eagle Pass that allows students to not have a study hall and

instead study wherever they would like on campus.

Instead, this could let seniors “test out” of core classes and get more Eagle Passes or electives in their


Sophomore Jacob Grams agrees with this requirement and is interested in seeing how this could

potentially be incorporated.

“I know that if there was a certain average that was needed to get more free periods senior year, I

would try very hard to reach that goal,” Grams said.

Principal Rev. Patrick Fulton, CSB, agrees that having a more diverse schedule senior year could

potentially set apart St. Thomas seniors from other graduating classes.

“I think colleges are getting more selective than ever and corporations are looking for graduates who

are well-rounded in their education and who are critical thinkers,” Fulton said.

In conclusion, seniors should have more free periods their senior year.

This would allow many seniors who are hard working student but do not have above a 93 average, to

have the same privileges and breaks as those who do have the average.

This combined with easier electives would create an excellent learning environment to send the

senior class off to college.