Junior retreat more than just a requirement


By Mauricio Negrin-BruzcoJunior Retreat GS 9-23-2014 (7)
Eagle Editorial board

As a man of St. Thomas, you are required to

attend a very special retreat at some point during

your junior year.

While this can seem like a boring requirement at

first, if you go into it with an open mind you will

be amazed how fulfilling this retreat is.

This retreat bounds you closer to your classmates, faculty and God.

“Junior retreat is the most important retreat for students,” Director of Campus Ministry Martin

Matulia said. “It is an overnight stay with your classmates where you build a better community in a

Christian setting.”

The retreat is very secretive and few things are let out of the center after the retreat is over so students

may share anything without judgement or gossip.

“This retreat makes students think about their relationships and gives them a better understanding in

their faith, family and what their classmates are going through by the great talks and activities on the

retreat,” Matulia said.

When you are at the retreat center with some of your classmates, you will be guided by some senior

leaders and some faculty that comes later on throughout the day.

Senior leaders will help you through some of the activities and will offer great expertise since they

have gone through the retreat already and enjoyed it so much that they decided to come back again

after their junior year was over.

“It was a really nice experience to help fellow juniors,” said senior leader Ben Hanks. “It was so

different compared to my experience when I was a junior. Now I truly understand what our

brotherhood is all about here at St. Thomas.”

How can going on some spiritual retreat out in the woods down on I-45 make a single difference in

their lives?

The answer is simple. Students were able to have the opportunity to grow closer to their brothers

while learning more about themselves and their spirituality.

This is what some of the juniors had to say about the first junior retreat that was in September.

“It was a very eye opening experience,” said junior Nick Baizan. “I was able to connect with my class

on a deeper level than the usual hallway chat.”

“I was able to get closer to God as well as my Eagle brothers which is a lot different from my old high

school, The Woodlands High School,” junior Brandon Belloni said. “It made me feel at home and


This is a long standing and great tradition at St. Thomas that has gone on for many years.

This is where the brotherhood that St. Thomas is all about shines at its brightest, and we come closer

to God and our fellow brothers by coming together as class in this spiritual setting.