Laptops vs. Tablets:

Tristan Grayscale
Tristan Niedermeier Eagle Editorial Board

Laptops take over the classrooms

The use of technology at school has recently

been integrated as a tool for students to use in

the classroom. When students first received

the tablets they were great. The tablets allowed

students to check emails, work on homework

that required a computer and lessened the

paper consumption at school.

The tablets were a win for the students until the tablets became problematic in the classrooms both

technically and because of games.

The keyboards on the tablets are also extremely small and hard to type notes on. This slows down the

process of typing notes extensively.

After the first year of tech use at school students realized how un-advantageous the tablets really

were. The word processor Polaris on the ASUS tablets is very limited in what a student can do when it

comes to typing and formatting of a paper.

Some other tablet problems are that they are not very durable. I have heard many horror stories of

what happened to students tablets like shattered screens and keyboards malfunctioning. By the end

of the first year tablets were used for nothing more that just games.

Another issue that many tablet users have is having the tablet turn off unexpectedly.

The battery life on the tablet, unlike the laptops, are very short. Students are always asking to charge

their tablets during class which can become a nuisance to teachers when trying to teach a lesson.

The only way students could substitute these awful tablets is to bring their own personal laptop.

The age of the laptops is coming. More and more students are bring their own computers because

they cannot get any work done at school with the tablets. Many of these laptops consist of Macs and

some PCs.

Laptops allow students to have all of there personal files and school files all in one place with out

having to transfer file from one to the other. Students feel much more comfortable using their

personal laptops because it is what they use at home so why not use it at school.

Bringing a personal laptop also comes with risk. There is a chance that it could get damaged, but I

would take that chance over the frustration of using the school tablets.

Between the tablets glitching every other class and the very limited uses of the tablets which is why

laptops are much more prominent in classrooms these days.

The reason students are taking advantage of being able to bring their laptops is because the tablets

that are provided by the school are very limited in the way students can use them during class.

Laptops are overall a better tool for the classrooms.

The tablets have done their job in integrating technology into the school classrooms but now its time

for the personal laptops to take over.

Laptops at school are the way to go. The tablet age is over and students are starting to replace tablets

with their personal laptops.

With tablets slowly leaving the classrooms maybe the school will invest in higher quality tablets that

will last longer and have more applications that will allow students to use them smarter and more


Huggins Grayscale
Peter Huggins Eagle Staff

Students stay loyal to the tablets

Tablets have been a crucial tool for the

classroom environment here at school. Being

one of the first private schools to incorporate

technology in the classroom is a huge step for

the St. Thomas community.

There is a reason the school gave us our

tablets. The administration looked carefully at

all the options before choosing the tablets each class currently uses.

The school provides us with a device that is fit to our needs, so why do so many kids choose to bring

their own device to school?

The new tablet given to the freshmen and sophomores are brand-new. They can be written on, and

although getting used to the tablets was a tough task for the IT staff, they now have things running


The old tablet is no booby prize. It has touch-screen capabilities, and its small size can actually work

in your advantage. The desks here at school are not big enough to fit both a book and a laptop;

however, there is plenty of space for a book if the student uses a tablet.

Staying out of trouble is already hard enough. The new tablets can help you check yourself before you

wreck yourself. One of the leading reasons students get detentions is misuse of their tablets. The

tablets used by the freshmen and sophomores do not allow you to play games or go to non-

educational websites.

While many people criticize being restricted as to how they can use their tablets, they must appreciate

their grades rising. Whether or not students like the new rule with the new tablets, it is helping to

improve the learning environment around school.

Laptops are not handed out by the school. This is clearly shown by the level of maintenance required

to keep a laptop up to date with the school’s programs and software updates.

Laptops, unlike the tablets, are not touch screen. This can be annoying when trying to give a

presentation or doing anything that requires mobility. For example, you can check the PowerPoint for

a test on the way to class with your tablet. On the contrary, the laptop would be in danger of falling

and breaking.

Breaking your tablet or laptop is a horrible experience, regardless of what device you use. Although,

wrecking a laptop is more expensive.

If you destroy your tablet, it is not that big of a deal. You have already paid the warranty that

guarantees you will not have to pay more than a hundred dollars.

On the other hand, fixing or replacing a laptop can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars.

While on the subject of prices, the tablet is the much thriftier option. It can do everything a laptop can

do, but the tablet costs less than half than the laptop.

All in all, the tablet is the better option. It is more versatile and helps improve focus. Also, it is better

connected, more durable, and less expensive.

Some people in the outside world prefer a laptop. While this opinion has its values, you must

remember that you are at St. Thomas. These tablets were picked for this school specifically by the

Basilian Fathers.