Life as an Eagle an important chapter of becoming a man


by Max Machiorlette
Eagle Staff

STH v Strake 9-5-2014 JP (28)
The senior section at the Sept. 5 Homecoming pep rally get rowdy for surprise – but annual – guest science teacher Mary Kay Smith, escorted by senior Jordan Lawrence in homecoming introductions. Photo by Jonathon Polasek

Our life is like a book, broken down and sorted into chapters.

Each student has their own unique story at STH. These chapters,

although only take a small portion of the whole book, have a

significant impact on what will be written next.

Each students’ time at here is long and sometimes a tiresome journey,

but within this period memorable moments are built and inscribed in a

permanent way.

Jay DeWitt ’09, who started as the schools Help Desk Specialist in September, returns with great memories of his alma


DeWitt describes the Eagle brotherhood as a “fraternity,” in the sense that lasting friendships are built here.

“Students should come here for the unique experience that can’t be duplicated at other high schools,” DeWitt said. “There’s

a culture here that makes your four years here special.”

DeWitt said what defined his experience at St. Thomas were the people.

“All the teachers genuinely cared about the students and made class enjoyable,” Dewitt said.

Along with the palpable culture of STH, DeWitt learned “the importance of working hard in order to achieve” what he


Senior Benjamin Neukomm has made quite the name for himself through his exhilarating performance as a leader of pep


Neukomm looks back at on the last three years as a series of life lessons.

“The teachers here do not only teach their subjects, but they also teach us about life,” Neukomm said. “Teachers focus on

making their students the best men that they can be. Whether it is [English teacher David] Fritsch ’94 telling us that to

excel at our workplace we should only wear white shirts or [History Dean Brett] Mills instructing us on how to behave like a

man and show respect to others;,St. Thomas turns boys into really classy and wise men.”

Following high school, Neukomm hopes to attend Texas A&M University in College Station and after college plans on going

to medical school.

Student body President Joseph Buckle’s experience prepared him for a bright future.

“Students who come to St. Thomas will benefit from the age old tradition of the Basilian Fathers and will be molded into

upstanding young men by the formation of the values goodness, discipline and knowledge,” Buckle said. “However, the

journey to get there is one that you will never forget, and those who are lucky enough to experience St. Thomas are part of a

unique brotherhood for the rest of their lives.”

Buckle’s journey has helped prepare him for what he hopes to be an acceptance into Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif.,

to study chemical engineering. From there he plans to go into the exploration and production area of the oil and gas


Each unique chapter students write while in these hallowed halls helps forward the tradition of instilling goodness,

discipline and knowledge.

We enter our freshman year as boys and graduate as men.

Each man of the brotherhood will look back on four years and see nothing but a true return on investment.