Demand for access to gaming forums


To the Editor:

I believe that the fact that students can’t access gaming forums is just wrong. I know that most students want games on their tablets, but that shouldn’t stop us from reading about them! Is it possible for the parts of sites that contain the forums not be blocked while the rest is? Also, can’t the downloads just require an admin password? Most of these games would not work well without a mouse anyway.

I am just saying that people might want to read these forums while they are stuck at school after school is over. I do not believe that students will read them during class either. So, can this please be taken into consideration?

Joshua Gensheimer


Justin is a part-time senior at St. Thomas High School and a full-time Online Editor-in-Chief for The Eagle. He made the website that you are looking through right now, and designs the layouts for all the articles on it. Justin participates in Speech & Debate, the Eagle Broadcast Network, Eagle Ambassadors, Model UN, Student Council, Political Awareness Club, and Columbian Squires. Safe to say that he plays a huge role in your life in someway.