To the Editor:

As a freshman, I cannot wait for the time to come when I will be able to take a driver’s education course and get my license. Unfortunately, my first car will be a 1993 Ford Explorer. This car was first bought by my aunt, who later gave it to my parents to use as a first car for my older siblings. Since my siblings all have their own cars now, the old Ford is sitting in our back driveway; never getting used. However, that will change as soon as I pass my driver’s test.

Even though the Ford is old, squeaky, sluggishly slow, and gets terrible gas mileage, it is practically built like a tank. The 1993 Explorer was built when SUVs were box shaped and tough looking, like an SUV is supposed to be, compared to nowadays, when most SUVs are basically just lifted up sedans. In addition, even though the Explorer is old, I plan to upgrade it as soon as I get a job and start making money. I haven’t seriously considered how I would modify the car, but some of the possibilities that have occurred to me would be to raise the suspension, add off-road tires, swap the current engine out for a 5.0 liter V8 from a mustang, and also install a custom exhaust system.

After I do that, I can think about buying myself a car with my own money. Some of the possibilities that I have thought about include the Dodge Challenger SRT, a used BMW M3, or a Ford F-250. Thus said, I will look forward to the day that I will be able to drive and have my own car. I’m also glad that I live in a country were many people share the same passion for the automobile that I do and view the car as a ticket for endless possibilities, rather than a just a mere transportation device.

Jordan Bishop


Justin is a part-time senior at St. Thomas High School and a full-time Online Editor-in-Chief for The Eagle. He made the website that you are looking through right now, and designs the layouts for all the articles on it. Justin participates in Speech & Debate, the Eagle Broadcast Network, Eagle Ambassadors, Model UN, Student Council, Political Awareness Club, and Columbian Squires. Safe to say that he plays a huge role in your life in someway.