Home game finale an important one for senior class


Staff Editorial
By Eagle Staff

The final regular season football game is this Friday against St. Pius X. Unless we play them in the

playoffs, this is the last time the seniors will play Pius.

Most importantly, this will be the last home football game for the seniors. This makes it one of the

most important games of their brief high school careers. These seniors have led the Eagles to one of

their best stretches in many years, by being pivotal in the past three wins against Strake, as well as

every other game the Eagles have played, and this is one of their last hoorahs.

Not only is the game important for the senior football players, it is important for all seniors to go.

This is our last chance to walk into Granger Stadium and support our Eagles through singing chants

and the best of all, the alma matter, as students of St. Thomas. We will never get the chance to walk

into the student section again after this Friday.

Even if you do not typically go to the games, you should go out of your way to make this final home

game. When looking back at your time here at St. Thomas, you want to remember the games, not

missing them.

Go into your future and without regret and make this final game. It will be a great time with your

friends and a great time with your team. The game should be emotional and fiercely competitive, and

hopefully the Eagles will come out on top.