In-state schooling beneficial for students


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By Eagle Staff

The world is full of endless opportunities.

However, it is only up to us as a community to

make these opportunities become realities. After

all, an opportunity only truly prevails its worth

when it is taken into full action by the pursuer.

This is most certainly true with education.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding principles for education is, “you get out what you put in.” The

amount of effort is crucial not only in a high school academic career but also for a collegiate academic


Moreover, a collegiate experience is absolutely necessary for the preparations of the tasks of the real


The college experience is a necesity when picking the right college. Texas schools provide the perfect

balance between education and college life.

When considering a college, one of the primary concerns among fellow STH students is the location.

Nonetheless, it is needless to say that the “Lone Star State” is the ultimate destination for a higher


There are countless benefits of achieving a higher education at the collegiate level.

There are even more benefits of doing so within the state of Texas. It is evident that out of all the fifty,

Texas is the best state in America.

With its rich history, proud heritage, and friendly hospitality, it is quite difficult to fathom a reason to


With many things to do in Texas, this state is also home to some of the premier institutions in the


Another benefit of Texas is it having a wide variety of colleges and institutions. With this benefit,

there is a school for every type of student.

Ranging from Texas A&M and the University of Texas to Texas Tech and many more, there is

definitely a school for you.

Among the many benefits of staying in state for a college education, perhaps one of the most

important factors to consider is building friendships.

There are many different schools within the state of Texas.

Among this wide spectrum of schools, there is a wide variety of characteristics among institutions.

Due to this benefit, there is a school for everyone.

Big or small, Texas has a school that is the right fit for you. This valuable asset also extends to going

to school with friends from high school.

Knowing the fact that many friends will be attending the same school as you is a very comfortable

feeling. Lasting friendships can continue to grow by going to the same college.

A Texas education is valuable in knowledge and also in friendships that will last a lifetime.

Another benefit of staying in Texas for college is avoiding the out-of-state tuition required by other

schools around the country.

The tuition rates of Texas schools are far superior to those of other colleges and universities due to

the fact that we are Texas residents.

Going to school in Texas allows students to save money while being able to spend money on a great

education with little cost.

This benefit may seem minute at the aspect of prospect students. It will, however, prove its benefit

after one’s college career is complete.

Some out of tuition rates are outrageous compared to those of Texas schools.

Although this is unfortunate, Texas institutions offer an education that is just as, if not more than,

valuable compared to other schools outside of Texas.

The other benefit being in Texas for college is that you are never too far away from home.

Many want to travel as far away from home as possible. However, the smarter decision is to never

stray too far away from one’s roots.

With enough breathing-room to truly experience a college lifestyle while not being too far away from

home is a great feeling.

Also, Texas schools offer fantastic internships due to the fact that Texas is home to one of the fastest

growing economies in the United States.

Our state is home to many energy companies, corporations and companies that admire former

students from Texas schools as prospect employees.

Nevertheless, among the other countless benefits, a Texas education not only offers education for a

lifetime but promising career options as well.

Education is a valuable asset that will prove its worth throughout the course of time. Receiving a well-

rounded education is a tool that will never give a student buyer remorse.

Education is a system that requires strong effort, time and concentration.

No matter where you may go, you can achieve a desirable education as long as you put forth your best


However, there are many options to consider as for the best possible choice.

Due to premier institutions, fantastic locations and promising future careers, the Lone Star State is

the ultimate destination for the true college experience.