New mass dress code inconsistently reinforced


Staff Editorial
By Eagle Staff

The new mass dress code has many upset that they cannot wear their own special tie or cool shirt to

mass anymore.

The reason the school has become stricter in its dress code policy is because students were bending

the rules too much and ended up ruining it for everyone else.

Monday was the remembrance mass, and a mass on a Monday after a holiday weekend is destined for

a dress code disaster. Many showed up out of dress code and received a lunch detention. It is at the

point where some students would just go home and change rather than taking the lunch detention.

While coming to school out of dress code is not acceptable, a new consequence should be

implemented so that students do not miss the best part of their day.

Mass day should be a day we all look forward to and not worrying about whether or not you are in

perfect uniform. It is a time where we can come together as a community and worship, we should be

focused on that rather than if people are wearing the exact dress code.

So far, this new policy appears frivolous and unsuccessful. It does not contribute anything of

remarkable value, instead causing headaches and upset students and administrators.