New rivalry madness starts in established rec league


By Jared HoeselIMG_4162
Eagle Staff

The anticipation for UCAL – the United Church

Athletic League – at STH is greater than the hype

that the nation has for NCAA March Madness.

UCAL is a program that is made for young adults

to learn sportsmanship, teamwork and

fundamental basketball skills as a part of a Christian community.

The two main senior teams at STH are Dreamweaver 8 Revealed and Blazers. Each team is packed

with raw athletic ability, scorers and play makers. The most looked forward to sporting event of the

year other than Strake vs. St. Thomas is the Dreamweaver 8 Revealed vs. The Blazers. Both teams

have big time players and fantastic head coaches.

The squad for the Dreamweaver 8 Revealed starts off with the quick, nifty and shifty point guard

committed to Iowa State University, Nick Borgman. Next is the three-point specialist Ben Neukomm.

He can pull up from anywhere on the court showing flashes of his inner Jimmer Fredette.

When Dreamweaver 8 needs a big time score, they give it to their hoopstar Jack Schrimsher, who has

the ability to score at will no matter who is guarding him. Schrimsher’s mullet will be attending the

University of Baylor, along with him.

Like all great teams, Dreamweaver 8 emphasizes the fundamentals. John Ganucheau brings this

aspect of the game to the team. He was drafted straight out of St. Vincent De Paul’s eighth grade

varsity team, because he made smart decisions with the basketball, and plays Dwight Howard-like

defense. Dreamweaver 8 also has size in the post with big man Worth Beard who dominates the

smaller defenders from teams match up on him. Beard has turned down an offer from Texas A&M to

further his academics at McCombs School of Business at UT Austin.

This team is very physical due in part to the extremely hard play of Grant Anhorn who is known for

his temper and for getting ejected from games.

This star-studded team is led by the Greg Popovich of UCAL basketball, Marcos Ruiz, who is looking

to lead his team to their first UCAL championship.

The Blazers are led by point guard Rock Flowers who is very physical at the position, and he also

plays for the varsity basketball team. He is a very intelligent player, and this is displayed in his very

high ACT score. When The Blazers need a big time bucket they look toward the very talented Wendell

Champion. There are flashes of LeBron James in Champion’s game whether it be from his ball

handling, three-point shooting, or his post play.

They also have very physical players such as Austin Longoria, who is known for his hard fouls and

taking kids to the floor. His four years of training due to varsity wrestling prepare him for his physical

play week to week.

Their performance as a team can be affected by their X-Factor, Zach Saville. Although he can be

inconsistent, watching Saville with the ball in his hands can only be described as poetry in motion.

The ease with which he slices through the defense and makes plays with the basketball is truly

breathtaking, his jump shot has an artistic quality to it.

The team is good on the fast-break due to Mason Wilson, who can contribute his speed to the

coaching of head soccer coach Kenny Martin. Wilson gets out on the break and can finish at the rim.

When the need a basket in the game they have a pure scorer in Aaron Hernandez, who is sometimes

deemed as a ball-hog. His teammates do not have a problem with it most of the time because he does

score at will.

This squad is coached by the basketball guru Trey Pizzitola. His game plan strategies put his teams in

the best possible situation to help his team be victorious. He will have big time responsibilities when

it comes to match up against Dreamweaver 8.

“The most important part of my strategy is definitely our pregame,” said Pizzitola. “I like to make sure

myself and the rest of the squad are feeling nice and loose before taking the court. The main

difference between us an Dreamweaver 8 is that they do not do this, and that is why we have a

competitive edge over them both on and off the court.”

Both of these teams have been training all off-season in hopes of capturing the prized UCAL

championship which has eluded St. Thomas teams in the past.

Dreamweaver 8 will bring their experience and maturity as a team, and the Blazers will use their high

athletic prowess. Hopefully there will be an all St. Thomas championship game that features both

senior teams out of St. Thomas. This game would draw a huge crowd and would bring glory to the

athletes that roam the campus of St. Thomas.