Student-run tailgate supports school spirit


Staff editorials
By Eagle Staff

This Friday is the St. Thomas St. Pius football game, the biggest one this year. Student Council is

teaming up with junior Walter Hood to create a new tradition: a student tailgate.

The student tailgate will be fun for all and a good way to get ready for the big game.

Not only is the food great, but it is a good way to meet new people and have a wonderful time.

The tailgate is to be run by Director of Student Activities Joe O’Brien and Student Council.

Bringing in a new member, Student Council member Walter Hood will prepare all of the food that

will be provided to you.

The food will be seasoned, cooked and prepared the old fashioned way and will be cooked on a huge

grill for you to chow down.

There will be a variety of food there, including deer sausage, beans, and even rib-eye steaks.

Drinks will also be given to you, courtesy of Student Council.

The tailgate is going to be held at the old tennis courts, where the busses are now located. Students

ought to attend to show school spirit and support this new school tradition.