UCAL vs. Charros: Students debate which out of school sport league is more enjoyable


By Nick Borgman and Worth Beard
Eagle Staff

UCAL team projected to win it allIMG_7459


There is no I in team. When nine men of St.

Thomas and I embarked on a quest to be United

Church Athletic League champions, we ceased to

be friends. We became UCAL teammates, a bond

which is universally considered to be stronger

than familial ties.

No other sports league offers this support. When one member of Dreamweaver8 Revealed stumbles,

not a single teammate is sitting. They stand up for their comrade, and give him comfort.

Dreamweaver8 Revealed is a bastion of sportsmanship.

When a penny found its way onto the court at the West U Methodist arena, Cameron Kic and myself

literally got down on our hands and knees to prevent injury and for the safety of everyone’s ankles

(even though I would break them anyway with my nasty crossover, but I digress).

This good nature can be found in every team of the UCAL organization, because all of its members

value growing together in sport and Christ.

Being a man of St. Thomas allows us to play with even more heart than all of the other teams

combined. Even the name Dreamweaver8 Revealed comes from STH, named after the web design

textbook in honor of LanceDunde.

When we play, we play to win. We may have gone a modest 0-6 last season, but we had plenty of

moral victories. The losses can be placed solely on the amount of coaching turnover there was

throughout the season.

While Marcos Ruiz started and ended the season on the sidelines, there were two other head coaches,

one who was thrown out and one who broke my plastic clipboard which I am still kind of mad about.

With ever changing play books and slide packages it was impossible to build chemistry.

The record does not reflect on the skill of the players, much like the 2013 Houston Texans or any time

the Astros win.

We are an offensively focused team. But do not get it confused, our defense is nothing to scoff at.

Grant Anhorn once dislocated somebody’s shoulder and is famous for his Kevin Love-esque blocks at

the rim.

With Ben Neukomm dropping threes all the time, he earned the nickname “El Three-ablo” and if that

isn’t the coolest thing you’ve read all day then we probably won’t get along. Nor will you get a bid to

be on our team.

Dreamweaver8 Revealed has made great contributions to the UCAL community. Without us, there

would be no need for a scoreboard with three digits. Really.

One game was 105-9. And we attract desirable celebrities to our games too.

Not only has Carmen Smith, owner of Carmen’s Boutique, made donations to our team, but Coach

Johnny Kwok has also been spotted at the arena, sporting a grin while he watched his coaching shine

through our fundamentals.

When it comes down to it, the choice between UCAL #BALLISLIFE and charros baseball is not really

even a choice.

UCAL is not a sport, it is a lifestyle. You can be a broke boy and play charros, or you can be like rich

gang and live this here lifestyle.


Charros look to carry out traditionBeard Grayscale

A myriad of extracurriculars take up the time of

students at this school, but none can compete

with the Spring Branch Memorial Sports

Association Recreational Baseball League.

Out of the many great teams associated with this

league, there is but one that stands above all else,

that team is known as the Charros.

The Charro ideal has been passed down through generations. Many great legends of St. Thomas have

taken a liking to this unique team. Some among the ranks of current and former Eagle Staff writers

such as the boy: the legend Worth Beard, Luke Gorski; Michael Reul and Kurt Hanson, father and


Many students are faced with the difficult decision of choosing SBMSA Baseball or UCAL Basketball.

Charros Baseball is the gold standard of recreational leagues of all sports in the Houston area.

Establishing a dynasty is the key to owning the league. Teams in this UCAL league are wishy-washy,

meaning one group comes in and is quickly disbanded.

There is no sense of team or tradition. The Charro Dynasty has been at the pentacle of recreational

leagues of Houston for more than a decade.

It is not uncommon to hear comparisons of the Yankee Dynasty and the Charro Dynasty.

You know the saying winning is not everything. Well as a proud member of the Charros, I can

honestly say that winning is everything. The stringent recruiting process to become a Charro is often

compared to Navy Seal training.

The Charro Dynasty is all about the survival of the fittest mentality. Only the strongest survive and

only the winners win.

The sense of dynasty not only comes with a sense of prestige, but also brings a sense of togetherness.

This togetherness, when it comes to the Charros, would be closely identified with the amount of trash

talking that is belted from the dugout.

Embarrassment and intimidation of opponents is often the key to many Charro victories.

There is a legend that a single Charro scared player into soiling himself on the pitcher’s mound

leading the opponent to forfeit the rest of their season.

The Charros rely heavily on the intimidation factor. Not only can you assert your dominance through

verbal abuse, but also through physical harassment.

If you have ill feelings toward an opponent, you can express those feelings with a single pitch to the

rib cage. This one pitch completely changes the course of the game.

Now every batter stands on the outside of the batter’s box allowing for more opportunities for


When it comes down to it, Charros baseball represents something bigger than a recreational sports


The values learned through every game played as a Charro are as valuable as investing advice from

Carl Icahn.

While ex-UCAL players are flipping burgers and washing cars, Charros will be out there running the

country and conquering the universe.