Hair or bare: stylish jaws and chins


By Jared Hoesel
Eagle Staff

Some people prefer hair, others bare. This quality in some can be a major deal breaker for many.

Some prefer the old-fashioned style of a bushy face, while others like a sleek and silky smooth surface

to lay their hands on.

The Cave Man

The Cave-Man

The wieldy uncontrolled beast known as the cave-man can be a major plus or

minus for some. Some appreciate the heritage and the manliness of the cave-man

while others would rather it not exist. Some cave-mans length can have over six

inches of hair, while others may have extremely thick beards with not a lot of

length. Those people that do not prefer the cave-man are typically of a new generation that generally

prefer bare.

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The Soul Patch

The Soul patch

This style is typically one that is rarer to find than others. It can only be pulled off

by a few, but it can also look bad on many. This particular style is a little patch of

hair under the lips. This is typically only for people who cannot grow facial hair.

Those who enjoy this style of masculinity want to stroke any soul patch they can

get their hands on.

handlebar mustache
The Handlebar

The handlebar

This style is the manliest of all of the styles of facial hair. It gathers from

under the nose and flows down each side of the face. This is very manly

because it resembles the look of motorcycle handlebars which is a sign of

masculinity. Some handlebars come with a twist of personal style. This can

include a goatee that has a beard that dangles down from beneath the


The French Waiter

The french waiter

This is a very simple and classic style. It is utilized by few, and has fallen out

of style in recent years. It consists of a simple mustache that is very thin and

stretches across the upper-lip. This is the closest of all of the facial hair styles

that resembles the naked face look. This is because there is very little facial

hair, and it is very easy to grow.

babys bottom facial hair
babys bottom facial hair

The baby・fs bottom

This is very easy for many to accomplish because it requires little work. It can

normally be accomplished by any twelve year old. Sometimes you can transform

a cave-man into a baby’s bottom with a razor. Ask the ladies, they know the

importance of the razor. This is the most common style for people of a new age

who like skin silky smooth. It is also for people who are incapable of growing

facial hair.