Pierre Jones: the man behind the passion


By Nick Borgman
Eagle Staff

No man at St. Thomas is more shrouded in mystery than the windy city’s very own coach Pierre

Jones. Nobody knows for sure if he was responsible for the disappearance of the zodiac killer. Nobody

knows for sure if he was the one who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald.

For the uniformed, Jones is an assistant football coach known for his enthusiam, spirt, and hustle.

When you come into his house, you know you’re going to put in work.

Jones knows his football. He was a dual threat running back for the University of Utah, lining up as a

wide receiver as well.

“Sean McNabb, coach Frank Graves, who’s now with the Chargers, and Ron McBride were great

coaches who really helped me to understand the game,” Jones said. “They taught me to be a good

person more than anything, and that helps me with coaching now”

Over the course of two years, Jones racked up a career total of 6 rushing touchdowns and 1404 yards

from scrimmage for the Utes. He also dabbled in the art of returning kicks on special teams,

displaying dominance in multiple facets of the game.

Jones now is the running backs positional coach for the Eagles, which is extremely important to the

program. A lot of the recent success of the program is due to the new identity of running the ball

down the opponents’ throats. Jones’ contributions to this cannot be overstated.

Much of star junior and senior running backs William Heck and Wendell Champion can be attributed

to the presence of Jones.

“Every time I’m in the weight room, I think of coach Pierre,” Champion said. “He inspires my

impeccable work ethic and is the reason I work so hard in the offseason”.

The word “quiet” is not in Jones’ vocabulary. Jones gets fired up and lets his players know.

“Coach is always yelling about something,” Champion remarked. “But I love the guy”.

Discipline is the focal point of Jones’ infinite-pronged strategy for success. If someone screws up, they

are struck with fear. To them, the skies seem to swirl and darken, and lightning strikes where Jones

appears, demanding recompense in the form of pushups or up-downs.

“One time I was late to practice,” star center Worth Beard said. “I had to do push ups and it stunk”.

Jones has been a cornerstone of the football program for 3 seasons including this year. Not only does

he give to the community, but receives something as well.

“The staff is one of the best coaching staffs I’ve ever coached on,” Jones remarked. “The guys are

smart, they’re passionate, they care about what happens to the kids and we’re very unified”.

Jones is a natural fit at St. Thomas. His fiery attitude meshes perfectly with the student section. Also,

the wardrobe adjustment was a subtle one.

“I love red and white,” Jones said. “My alma mater, University of Utah, was white and crimson”

The importance of rivalry in football to Jones is paramount. Nobody at the school has more of a

passion for beating Pius.

“Our kids are prepared, and it’s a rival game, I don’t like the rival,” said Jones. “I think our kids get

the dynamic of what’s at stake this week”