Today’s teenage social media usage, pro advice



Launched: July 15, 2006

This Blue Bird was created in 2006 and has turned into something no one could have foreseen. Twitter can be used for anything such as tweeting, starting drama, getting news about basically anything, communicating with people, to keeping up with female interests. The tweeting aspect of Twitter is what separates itself from other social medias.

The 140 character tweets can be used at anytime for any mood you are in. There are a lot of things you can do involving tweets such as re-tweeting, favorite or quoting a tweet and sub-tweeting. Be careful with each because sometimes the ladies over think our tweets and it causes serious drama.

Twitter is not just a tweet machine it also has its own built in search engine to find certain things. You can search anything from celebrities, athletes, schools and basically anything your curiosity desires. Twitter can be very dangerous for those in a relationship. (I bet some of you already know what I am talking about.)

Just make sure you do not get carried away with twitter, but if you ever are in the dog house with your girl use one of my favorite tactics called “subtweeting.” All you do is tweet about her without including her name, hint a Drake song, and you will have her back like that.


Launched: October 6, 2010

This beast was created in 2010 and has been the top social media since its release. Instagram started off as a friendly way to post pictures of interesting things in your but has completely evolved into something else. Instagram has definitely been corrupted by the females with the ability to add filters to photos.

It is hard these days to judge a girl of a photo when they literally can have a Cover Girl photo shoot on their Instagram page. You can get around these girls evil trick by using the new ability to direct message people. If you want to meet a girl off of twitter then follow this formula. Slide into her DMs, ask her on a date and bask in the attention and love.

Do not worry guys, Instagram is not all evil you can also look up your celebrity crush with the search bar installed in Instagram. Instagram is definitely a must get app but be careful cause you do not want to be that guy who does not get likes on their photos.


Launched: September 2011

The invention of Snapchat is probably one of the greatest accomplishments for teens in our generation. The ability the to send pictures without the ability to be exposed is the prime aspect of Snapchat is the reason for its popularity.

Snapchat fully evolved into a complete no-expose zone for communication when they established the ability to send texts. The great about it is that the text disappear after a certain therefore cannot be shown to other people.

The way Snapchat ensures that you know you who screenshots your snap by sending you a notifications. I mean if you are a true savage then you will take a screenshot regardless of the notification, but I do not recommend doing this.

Snapchat can also be dangerous with the best friends list. The list enables people to see who you snap the most and girls tend to take this pretty serious for no reason and you could end up with a backhand with no warning.

If it were my choice, I would download the app and enjoy the pleasure of Snapchatting