Electives invaluable to students


By Karch CalkinsCalkins Grayscale
Eagle Staff

Electives are the best classes of the day. They

give students a break from math, english, science

and allow them to relax by taking a class they


Without electives the school day seems like it will

never end because it is just class after class of the same thing.

Ceramics allows students to explore their creative side by learning to sculpt pieces, such as platters,

bowls, planters and mugs out of clay throughout the semester.

Once you sculpt these pieces, you glazed them in whatever color you choose to give your piece its own


U.S. in Conflict gives students the opportunity to learn about the United states’ involvement in

different wars throughout its history, and gives greater detail than a regular US history class.

This may sound extremely boring, but with Social Studies Dean Brett Mills as a teacher, U.S. in

Conflict was one of best classes I have taken so far.

U.S. in World Affairs is basically the same as U.S. in Conflict, but instead of talking about the U.S.’s

military conflicts, U.S. in World Affairs talks about the foreign policy of the United States and its

effect on the rest of the world.

If your looking to blow off steam for forty five minutes, PE is the class to take. You get to play pickup

basketball, football and dodgeball which gives you a great break during the day and lets you burn off

some energy.

You can also choose to get yoked if you play football and take the lifting period as your PE class.

Beginning next year, Intro to Law is a course taught by Rich McGuire teaching students basic

concepts of law, helping them determine if they like law based classes.

Publications is where the student newspaper and the yearbook is written and published.

In the newspaper, students can write for the opinion, entertainment, student life or sports sections.

The yearbook is also put together in this elective. Each yearbook has its own style that represents

each class.

Creative Writing, taught by David Fritsch, might be the best elective in the history of electives.

You are only required to write one piece, whether its a poem, short story or play, every two weeks,

then make revisions, and comments on other students’ pieces.

This process only takes a few days out of the two week lap, which leaves an abundance of time to work

on home work for other classes or take a quick rest in between classes.

Eagle Pass is not technically an elective, but it is definitely worth working for.

If you have a 93 average by the time you are a senior, you can do whatever you want during study

hall, from sleeping to having an extra long lunch if you have it D or E period.

Without electives, the school day is too monotonous to get anything done between math and science

classes that strain student’s brains everyday, but with electives the school day is at least tolerable,

maybe even good. Electives make the day more enjoyable and easier to get work done.