How to live a safe, happy, drug free high school life


By Cameron KicGood lunch photo
Eagle Editorial Board

High schools all around the nation are struggling

with the problem of students experimenting with

drugs and alcohol. This problem is even evident

at such a prestigious school like this one.

Many people would find this shocking due to the

fact that St. Thomas drug tests many of its students. With such strict punishments, it is hard to

believe of any possibility of a student using. However, many students do not care about the


Students will come to realize that there is much more to lose than to gain from doing drugs. A student

can ruin his entire future with one mistake. Some students believe that it is difficult to have fun

without participating in such activities. But, there are many other ways to be happy.

During the four years of high school many students will fall victim to such recreational activities and

continue to do them. However, many students will find it is easy to go to events and not partake in

these activities as they may have though before. Students can attend sporting events or parties and

have fun just by being social. Try board games such as Apples to Apples or Scrabble instead of Mary

Jane or Molly.

To be happy, students do not have to rely on drugs. Those people that do choose to experiment are

more likely to fall into sadness. Get a cat. Kittens relieve just as much stress as drugs, and they teach

you responsibility.

There are many activities students can participate in that do not involve drugs. First of many, meet a

nice girl. Dances and sporting events are a great way to meet girls.

Second, take that girl on a date. Homecoming is a great opportunity to ask a girl on a date and have

fun drug free weekend by going to a football game, nice dinner, and dance. If dancing is not your

thing, all girls enjoy a nice dinner and a movie.

Lastly, if your specialty is not with the ladies, hang with your bros. Get some lunch and hit up some

TopGolf or a Texans game. When there’s someone to share your interests and happiness, it’s almost

impossible to fall into drugs.

If girls are not really your thing, or you are embarrassingly incompetent, just stay home and play with

your new cat.