Lunch prices too high


To the Editor:

There are a few things that I think like Saint Thomas needs to do to improve their school.

First of all, the cafeteria food at Thomas is ridiculously expensive. The average amount of money I am spending every day is more than $10 just for lunch! Once I have spent almost $30 for breakfast, lunch, and a little snack to eat after school. Who wants to spend $2 for candy when you can buy the same thing at Walgreens for fifty cents? Besides the price of the food, I have got to say that Thomas’ food is unbelievably tasty.I hope the price gets lowered at least a little if possible and people like me will start to buy their lunch more often.

Another thing that needs improvement at Thomas is the tablet problems. Many times I am not able to turn on my tablet and I have to wait at least five minutes. Also every once in a while when I am in the middle of typing notes or an essay, a letter will continually type all over the paper nonstop. The tablet can also be very non-responsive when you tap on an icon, especially if you are using Vital Source Bookshelf.

Other than those few things, the tablets work great! The last thing I think the school needs improvement on is their lack of the color red. I do not see much of this color down in the hallway or in classrooms, I feel like this color will make the campus not as dull and boring.

Christopher Schlak