Lunch too short


To the Editor:

The time we have to eat our lunch is a serious problem. During lunch students have 30 minutes to eat, socialize and get to know new people. To do all of those things requires a significant amount of time that we, as students, are not given. The long line in the cafeteria itself takes about 25 minutes just to finish getting through. If you are standing in line for 25 minutes you hardly have any time to eat, and will most likely throw away what you do not finish eating which is a huge waste.

The other complaint I have about lunch is the prices of the food and snacks. The cost to get a regular entrée, with a drink is nearly $10! I know that the food is gourmet and you get a very large cup for soda but I do not think it is $10 worth. Also the price for extra snacks like chips and candy is far over the store price for the same exact thing like at stores and gas stations.

In conclusion, the only part of the day here at St. Thomas that some of use look forward to besides extracurricular activities is being ruined by things that can be fixed. It takes a lot of people to make the changes but hopefully this is a start.

Philip Matulia