Staff Editorials


Staff Editorials
By Eagle Staff

Donating to less fortunate spreads
Christmas spirit

This Christmastime, donating to charities could be beneficial to both you and the organization you

are donating to. The point of charities, if you do not already know, is to help out those who are in

need of it.

Many charities these days help out the poor, the beaten and those who are just in a time of need.

There are multiple reasons why you should donate to a charity this time of year. For one, donating to

a charity could help a family from anywhere in the world. No matter how small the amount you give,

anything can help towards that charity. Those who are in need of a little help can receive it from the

donations you give. Next, giving to charity is just a nice thing to do in general. It can give you the

knowledge that you have helped someone that needed it, and that makes you become a better person

every day.

Also, donating to charity helps out the organization because your donations keep their business alive.

Last, Jesus tells us that we should give to all of those who are in need of it. We are to follow Jesus’

ways and we can make it to heaven by helping out the troubled ones. Donating to charity can help

those, no matter how small it is, every donation counts to those who receive it. The families the

charities give the donations to are very grateful for what you have done, even if they do not know you


Get up on finals before
they get up on you

Although they seem far away, finals week is closer than we think. In order to be prepared, we need to

start studying now. Getting ahead may seem pointless right now, but studying in the present will pay

off in the future. Freshmen, high school finals are a different beast.

Students are aware that we all need a break from school, and Thanksgiving break is right around the

corner. Take some time off, but do not let the entire Thanksgiving break go to waste. Start looking

back over the entire semester, and relearn the topics from the beginning of the year. If you start right

now, there will be no rush when finals week rolls around. This piece of advice goes out to all students,

and everybody should heed this warning. If you want to do well on finals, get out in front of studying

for them. Remember, we should be taking finals during finals week, not cramming for them.

Why wait until the last second? Procrastinating is not how a man of St. Thomas would act. As a

school, we need to get ready for finals so that we go into Christmas break on a high note. If you do

well on your finals, your parents may reward you with a super-cool gift. If you want a car, you need to

start working right now. Colleges look for academic achievements on your resume, and St. Thomas

Club or Honor Roll are two very distinct awards. Most importantly, you have to believe in yourself.

Mothers club donating to
Magnificat provides needed aid

As we all know, Director of Campus Ministry Marty Matulia and Campus Ministry have a close

relationship with The Magnificat Houses. For the past few years Matulia and some moms have been

stuffing Christmas stockings for the residents of The Magnificat Houses. Items included in the

stockings are personal grooming items like travel size deodorant, toothpaste, soap, mouthwash,

shampoo, etc. Combs, brushes, and clean socks for men and women are also included in the

stockings. Students are so fortunate that it would be great to show some holiday spirit by donating a

record number of stocking stuffers for this year’s stockings. Last year, over 120 stockings were filled

for the residents of The Magnificat Houses. Let’s all pitch in and help the residents of The Magnificat

Houses have a very Merry Christmas. Everyone make it a goal to bring in $5.00 worth of items for the


Once all of the items are collected the moms will meet and have a stocking stuffing party. It is a great

way to get into the Christmas spirit and help brighten the holidays for members of the Magnificat


Bring your lunch one day and use the money you saved to buy some personal grooming items for

Magnificat residents. Matulia, the moms and the residents of The Magnificat Houses will thank you.