Coach John Kwok: Secret Weapon X


Confucius once wrote, “Silence is a true friend who never betrays.”

Coach John Kwok has a deeper understanding of silence than most church mice. The man of few words believes in only speaking when necessary. Rather, he listens, as though each word he hears is a different note in Mozart’s concerto 21 in C major. Silent but deadly is not only applicable to flatulence, but also to Kwok’s fast paced offensive and defensive packages on the court. Not to mention to his approach in the classroom as well.

“The most important trait for a student in my class is self-discipline. The ability to do your homework every night and pay attention in class. If you discipline yourself, no one else will have to.”

-John Kwok, Head Basketball coach/Geometry teacher

Our school is an institution that prides itself in excellence in academics and athletics. Most students here are student-athletes, and Kwok is the teacher equivalent, developing young men in their understanding of geometric shapes. “Coach is actually a really good teacher. His color coding makes it really easy for me to grasp geometric concepts,” said sophomore Riley Lam. Kwok also develops the young ballers of the school as well, through his focus on fundamentals and shooting drills.

“The [most important trait in my players] is the ability to put the needs of the group above personal desires,” Kwok said. “Basketball is a team sport and players need to get lost in the group.”

Senior Chad Isaac has been the basketball team manager since last year, and his abilities on the court have increased markedly. He was in the top five point scorers for his UCAL team last season. The man brings in the talent.

“Coach is pretty much the only reason I’m still on the team,” senior point guard Rock Flowers said. “I thought about quitting, but I will never quit on coach Kwok.”

Kwok is a firm believer in discipline and fitness. Basketball players are consistently some of the most conditioned of the school. But Kwok is not a stubborn man. He is always looking for new and unorthodox ways to adapt his methods to facilitate a championship run.”We practice the execution of fundamentals like shooting, ball handling, passing and rebounding,” Kwok said.

“In practice, we have a motto of ‘play hard, play smart, play together’” Kwok said. “There’s no shortcut for hard work.”

Players have begun to do yoga this year as exercise in preparation for the season. “Yoga is pretty fun,” Isaac said. “I wish I had some tights to wear during it though.” The Eagles basketball squad looks to bring home a trophy this year for the school. It will be the first championship in Kwok’s tenure with the Eagles.

“We’re just out here, chasing that ring. Coach Kwok will take us to the promised land this year, I can feel it.”

-Carch Kalkins, Senior Shooting Guard