Date ideas to woo women


By John Fitzgerald
Eagle Staff

Coming up with awesome date ideas for the girl of your life takes time and can be quite tricky to

ensure that she will fall madly in love with you. This is going to be a rough outline for you to make the

perfect date for your special someone.

In the world of girls, there are many different kinds. From the intellectual, to the athletic, and to the

ones who are special in their own special way. This list will help you get started on the date of the


For the intellectual woman in your life, there are many different attractions within the Houston area

to satisfy their cultural cravings. Art Museums are a huge attraction in Houston and the Menil

Collection is the perfect fit. It was founded by the Menil family in 1987 so that people could see art all

over the world. This museum is the ideal date for the girl in your life. Other than amazing art from

around the world, the admission is free. The museum is open Wednesday through Sunday, 11:00 a.m.

to 7:00 p.m. This means that you seems very intellectual as well as saving money for another

awesome date.

As the weather begins to cool off, the zoo is the perfect place to go. With all the thrills a zoo has to

offer and perfectly located right in the center of Hermann Park, this opportunity is almost too good to

pass up. Open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. and with a ticket price of just $15, this can be hours of fun

watching monkeys and giraffes.

Finding cheap live music in Houston can be difficult if you do not know where to look. But look no

further, because Fitzgerald’s is the best place to go. With live music almost every night and $13 cover

charge, this can easily satisfy all of your live music needs. The bands that play range from popular

bands to bands that are playing their first gig. This is an awesome place to go with your girls and can

be a fun night to remember.

The last place to go should be the most obvious choice for a first date. Edwards Marq’E located on

I-10 is just a short drive away from St. Thomas. Movies have always been the best place to go on a

date for many reasons. It is not overwhelming for you or your date because you are just seeing a

movie. As a tip, take her out to dinner beforehand so you can get to know her better. Choosing the

movie can be crucial in the process of asking her on the date. Make sure that you pick a lighthearted

movie and not something that the girl would never see anyway.

Asking a girl on a date can be very stressful but once you do and they hopefully say yes, you can tell

your friends and say how much cooler you are then them. Remember that the girl did not have to say

yes so always be respectful.