Early preparation leads to good grades on first semester finals


With the first quarter out of the way and Christmas break on the horizon, there is one large obstacle that looms in the way of every student.

Final exams are right around the corner, and they are not coming lightly. Pretty soon the halls will be filled with students trying to cram to pass their hard exams, but this can all be avoided. If students study for their exams early and do not start until the week before finals, their December nights would be a lot more relaxing. Many teachers encourage starting the study process early.

Some put up their study guides before Thanksgiving break, giving those students who use them have many more valuable study hours for which to prepare for their exams.

“I encourage students to begin as soon as possible,” history teacher Rodney Takacs said. Some students do start their studying early, however they are usually the exceptions to the rule. Many teachers make a point for their study guides to be available for their students.

“I encourage my students to go back over the study guides that they have already done for each one of the previous LAPs. They can get back in touch with the knowledge that they learned previously and then when the study guide for the midterm comes out, they’ll find that they know half of it already.”

-Rodney Takacs

Students who do not take advantage of all the resources that are available to them may come to find that they will regret it when their semester grades come out. The midterm exams count for 25% of the semester average, and that is a very sizable chunk of the semester grade. Studying for final exams is not super hard and it does not have to be very time consuming.

There are a couple of very simple ways that can be implemented for almost immediate success. One way is by making flashcards for quick studying. In writing down all of the information on a card, students will actually be reinforcing the knowledge that they already have in their brains.

Many sites like Quizlet will help students make their flashcards and make what was once a tedious task pass very quickly. Another way is by actually doing the study guides that are given out. Although it is a lot easier to have a friend share theirs, actually doing the review helps imprint the knowledge and start the learning process earlier.

Then, when going over the study guide you already know the information on it, and can remember it easier. If making flashcards is not for you, another way to study effectively is by reviewing with friends. When you are being quizzed it is reinforcing the information that you have, and when you are quizzing someone you become familiar with the information and are able to recall it easily.

This can lead to a quicker recollection of the information during exams. Starting the studying process for finals earlier is a very smart idea. By starting earlier the knowledge is easier to retain and execute on the exam.

It is better to study early and learn the material for the final exam, rather than having to memorize the study guide for the exam. Starting earlier will also help in the class leading up to the final, because all of the knowledge builds upon itself in most classes so for the last test of the quarter your preparation will work twofold.