Fighting the cold in style


By John HetmaniakHetmaniak Grayscale
Eagle Staff

With another year in the twilight of its time, as

always, there is a dramatic change in the


It seems as it was just yesterday that the weather

was in the high nineties. However, as Houston is

known for its extremely odd weather, the city is finally experiencing the long anticipated cold


As with any change, temperature being a big one, it is always good to be prepared. Among the many

duties to prepare for the cold, clothing is a primary concern.

Fall clothing is an essential among students. The colder weather brings many different popular styles

to the hallways.

Among the common items such as fleeces and jackets, newer popular items, such as vests, seem to

emerge among students. The most common trademarks seen in the hallways range from Patagonia,

The North Face and Columbia.

With another cold cycle of weather making its entrance into the year, shorts make their exit. In

replacement of those shorts, another cold weather necessity is jeans.

Long pants are obviously an easy solution to fight the cold, but denim jeans are the best way to do so.

There are many different types of jeans. Among the many, Wranglers are a primary. Wranglers are

the most durable among the others and truly prove their worth.

The combination of Wrangler jeans, preferably the bleached ones, and fleece jackets is one that

cannot go wrong.

One morning you may hop in the car and see that the thermometer is in the 30s, which is practically a

blizzard for Houstonians, there is a need for heavier firepower.

In these situations, there is a call for something more durable. Common items that fit this job are

Carhartt jackets.

These jackets are heavier and definitely needed in dramatically cold situations. They may at times

seems unpractical, due to the large size of the jackets.

Among the heavier jackets, there is another essential that proves its worth. That is the letterman

jacket. The letterman jacket is a perfect fit for the to the school environment. When the year rolls into

the fall and winter seasons, the lettermans also come into play to complete the job.

Baseball, football and rugby sweatshirts are also frequently seen throughout the hallways.

Finally, the one necessity that cannot be overlooked are boots.

Being a school in Texas it is hard to not see students wearing boots throughout the hallways.

If you are going to have wrangler jeans, you must complete the outfit with boots. There are regular

ropers, ostrich, alligator and even lizard skin.

Living in Texas, the cold is something that seems very foreign to its people.

The fall is an exciting time of the year. The dramatic change in weather, wide variety of sports and

holidays bring a strong sense of enthusiasm to the season that cannot be matched.