Hot art, cool Jazz, good entertainment


As temperatures dipped into the 40s, students and parents gathered together in the courtyard on a November evening to enjoy viewing spectacular pieces of art and listen to some soothing jazz music, all courtesy of our students during the annual Hot Art/Cool Jazz Night.

This growing annual event, currently in its 15th year, invites members of the school’s community to come and experience the stunning art created and constructed by students. The event allows students and parents to talk and share stories while listening to some fine and relaxing cool jazz music as they indulge in some delicious treats and enjoy the chilly fall weather.

The art classes had plenty of impressive student work displayed from classes such as Ceramics, Sculpture, Fundamentals of Art, Print making, Drawing, and  photography.

“It is a great night to showcase the choir, jazz band, and the visual arts,” said Fine Arts teacher Chau Nguyen. One interesting element of this year’s event were the geometric and organic teapots the ceramics students created, inspired by Paul Uhl of Smithville, Texas.

Some of the interesting and diverse works featured were created by seniors Jack Schrimsher, Logan Vitela, Will Kinney, Devin Nguyen, and Joseph Minnis.

“Our art is of higher quality than some collegiate and undergraduate levels of art.”

-Mike Nebel Dean of Fine Arts

Students devote much time and talent to their individual projects. Students have spent countless hours perfecting their portfolio for their showing of artwork.

“It would be easy for them to get bored,” said Nebel, “but instead they stick with their art throughout the long process and you can see their effort in the final product.” The reviews and feedback from those in attendance at the Hot Art/Cool Jazz Night were as positive this year as they have been in years past.

Many people believe the night is an enjoyable experience, from sitting outside on a crisp autumn evening, seeing the art displayed, and listening to some awesome jazz music. The Hot Art/Cool Jazz Night is part of a busy time for the school’s Fine Arts Department, taking place one week after the annual Chamber Concert and leading up to the Christmas Concert at the beginning of December.

“This all came about by chance,” Thoede said. “Fr. Schwenzer just told me I had a date on the calendar to fill and I decided we’d just have jazz guys play. That was fifteen years ago, and we added the fine arts a year later.” Theode says the event has continued to gain popularity and is a great opportunity to highlight the time and talents of those who participate in the school’s fine arts program.

The event has become somewhat of an arts festival and several types of music make it all the more interesting. “This year’s event was by far the best one in the time that I have been here due to the diversity of the art and overall display of the students’ creativeness.” said Nebel.