Jack Brady and Eli Bacilla: A Football Life


By Bryan Stieneker

Eli and Jack 11-19-14 JP (6)
The legends themselves, seniors Eli Bacilla (left) and Jack Brady (right). Their deeds have passed into legend; their reputations as heroes precede them.

Eagle Editorial Board

The past three years have been full of success

for Eagle football. Though players and coaches

have come and gone, there are two constants

which can be singled out as huge contributors

to the dominance of the Eagles over that time:

star senior kicker Jack Brady and star senior

deep snapper Eli Bacilla.

The duo burst on the scene when they single-

handedly defeated Strake Jesuit in a thrilling, 17-14 contest on the Crusaders’ home field. Ever since

then, their names and faces have been deeply engrained in both the hearts and the minds of our

entire community. Like any cult heroes, the lives of Jack Brady and Eli Bacilla are objects of great

wonder and mystery for those on the outside looking in. Therefore, I have taken it upon myself to

shed some light on the lives of these two legends, both on and off the gridiron.

They say that even the greatest heroes put their pants on one leg at a time. Though this saying is often

accepted as law, even laws can have their exceptions.

“I put my pants on both legs at the same time,” Brady said. “It’s just something I’ve always been able

to do.”

Brady wakes up precisely at 7:09.47, and makes sure to leave his house by 7:40, in order to make it to

school by 7:46. He strolls into PE at 7:49, but he spends more time checking the market on Yahoo!

Finance than he does playing games.

“I’m glad I have PE for my A period class, because it lets me check the opening prices in the market,”

Brady said. “Us kickers aren’t very keen on physical exertion.”

From there, Brady goes to Theology, followed by Creative Writing, Eagle Pass, and AP Calculus AB,

all while keeping tabs on the market through out the day. After Calculus, Brady often leaves campus

to eat lunch. Brady wraps up his school day with Geology, English IV and Advanced Economics.

It is hard to be the best. This is a fact of life that Eli Bacilla is all too familiar with. From the moment

he wakes up, until the moment he falls asleep, Bacilla bears the burden of being one of the greatest, if

not the greatest, deep snappers in the world.

“I wake up at 4:00 AM to begin deleting the emails from D1 colleges begging me to attend their

football programs,” Bacilla said. “I’m usually done around 7:00.”

Bacilla starts his school day with AP Physics 1, Eagle Pass, AP Calculus BC and Health.

“Eagle Pass is probably my most important class of the day,” Bacilla said. “It lets me spend quality

time with Coach G[rant Anhorn], as well as see my best buddy Kyle Knittig.”

The latter part of Bacilla’s day is wrapped up with English 4, AP Spanish 4, Theology 4 and Advanced


When school is out, the day finally starts for the dynamic duo. On a typical day, they head straight for

the weight room. Heading straight to the weight room really means linger in the locker-room for 5-10

minutes and then go to the weight room.

“When I get to the weight room, I make a bee-line for the water fountain,” Brady said. “I really need

to hydrate before my strenuous work out.”

The duo starts their workout with a set of bench press, followed by a 15 minute break. The 15 minute

break is followed by a five minute break, and the workout concludes with an astronomical amount of


“As members of the special teams unit, curls are an essential lift for us,” Bacilla said. “They’re key to

maintaining our image.”

Once they leave the weight room, our heroes suit up and head out to the field exactly five minutes

early to get a game of catch in.

“Ever since sophomore year, we’ve made a point of getting out to practice early to play catch,” Brady

said. “It helps us prepare for all the catch we play during practice.”

Perfecting the art of the sideline catch is a constant quest for the duo, and as such, it occupies a large

amount of their time during practice. Few have seen a sight as beautiful as an Eli Bacilla deep snap

spiraling perfectly into the outstreched arms of Jack Brady, toes planted firmly just inside the line

that distinguishes heroes from zeros – the out of bounds line.

The most nerve racking part of practice for the duo is when they get called into action to kick field

goals at the end.

“Honestly, kicking field goals at practice is just as high pressure as kicking in the games,” Brady said.

“Whenever I miss, Coach Fitz always yells at me and tells me I ‘have one job’.”

Once practice is over, the team heads to the locker room. While the rest of the team showers, our

heroes pack up their things and head home, since they accumilate no sweat during practice. At this

point, the dynamic duo parts ways, sorrow in their hearts, and yet smiles on their faces, knowing that

they will reunite tomorrow.