Top notch Thanksgiving


By Henry Fisher
Eagle Staff

Thanksgiving is the greatest American holiday besides the Independence Day. It is a day where we

gather with friends and family and starve ourselves until four o’clock, and then it all goes down.

My dream Thanksgiving meal would definitely consist of a Cajun fried turkey, stove-top stuffing,

sweet potatoes and marshmallows, homemade jalapeno cranberry sauce and homemade biscuits. The

location of this meal is also very important to the meal because these country style meal needs to be

in a location that promotes God and a classic rural Thanksgiving feast.

Unfortunately, my family does not have a phenomenal cook so we tend to order a Jim Goode’s Goode

Company turkey. This is fine because Goode Company is awesome, but if my parents knew how to

deep fry a turkey I might be a little thicker, and if you have seen me then you know that might be a

good thing.

I do not know a person who does not like stove-top stuffing. It is sweet, savory, and cheap. All you

need to do is add some water, heat it up and you have the most delicious part of the meal. The

cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and biscuits are all things that my family can actually cook, so they

are not that exciting to hear about.

Many people prefer a traditional Thanksgiving meal of roast turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread

stuffing, canned cranberry sauce, green beans and pumpkin pie. All of these foods are awesome and I

love eating them on Thanksgiving, but the variety of spicy, sweet and salty foods in my dream meal go

together perfectly to turn your mouth into a shrine of Thanksgiving goodness.

The ideal location of this meal would definitely be in the rural hill country of Texas. The scenic rolling

hills and bright sunset backdrop are ideal for a tradition as important as Thanksgiving. The first

Thanksgiving was celebrated by colonists in a rural setting, not a metropolis like Houston.

Thanksgiving is a great American holiday, and as a proud American having exactly what I want on a

holiday that revolves around stuffing yourself is something that is very important to me when it

comes to a dream meal. When you and your inappropriate uncles are sitting around the table this

year just think about how lucky you are, you get to eat the food you love with the people you love in

the greatest country in the history of the world, and you get to do it with a feast for the ages.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!



Henry is a senior at St. Thomas and is the M.E. of The Eagle. He is commonly referred to as "The Enforcer" by staff members and section editors. He is a shrewd man with strong views on almost everything. Not only is he a star in the Publications Lab, but he is a modern day Picasso on the links. He aspires to play collegiate golf after a stellar high school career in the grueling conference that is TAPPS 5A. He is by far Mr. Cuccia's favorite student as well.