A Seniors guide to preparing for finals


By Tristan Niedermeier
Eagle Editorial Board

As midterm exams come around students begin stressing over what exams are going to be the most

difficult and which one they need to study for the most.

The first two weeks of December can be extremely stressful, from trying to cram in as much extra

credit in as possible to get your average up to preparing your strategy for studying. It all feels

overwhelming to many students, especially the underclassmen.

Freshman have the least experience in preparing for exams considering they are new and this being

their first midterm exams here at school.

Being a freshman can be both exciting and scary. Having a fresh start and a new school can be great

but learning the ropes of good study tactics to study for exams can be overwhelming. Here are some

tips for the underclassmen.

When preparing for exams one should get organized. Being organized can make or break a student

when border-lining from a B to an A. Organization is key to make sure a student is ready to study.

If all of your past test are scattered and in different folders and binders then it just becomes a hassle

to study end you just end up quitting due to the frustration.

Finding a quiet place to study also plays a big part in studying for finals. I suggest going to a library

even when the house is nice and quiet.

One thing I do not recommend is listening to music while you study.

By listening to music your brain concentrates on both studying as well as listening to music which

defeats the purpose. You want all of your concentration on studying.

Cramming for finals is one of the worst choices you could make when studying or trying to study.

Cramming just stresses you out so why not make your life easier and prepare for exams in advance.

While studying you should make sure to put your phone on silent. Your cell phone is just another

distraction that diverts you from studying.

Another great way to prepare for exams is joining a study group.

Get some friends together and review study guides and review. Reviewing over study guides multiple

times is the best way to remember all of the information. Having a group who is in similar classes is a

big advantage because it is most likely that at least one person can help everyone understand the

curriculum if others do not.

If students receive tests back from their teachers I highly suggest reviewing them because most of the

time teachers put similar types of questions or problems on the exam.

Making study guides is an other way to prepare for an exam. Include questions in the study guide that

you do not know Moreover, if you understand that question then there is no point in reviewing.

Spend time only on the stuff you do not know.

On the day of the final you should be well rested and have eaten a full breakfast.

Getting ready to take on finals is a stressful time of the year, but staying organized and reviewing the

material multiple times will make a huge difference.