Best websites, cool gifts for the holiday season


By James Grant
Eagle Staff

As the days get shorter and the weather becomes colder, many people are going to hunker down in

their warm and cozy homes during this Christmas season to do some online shopping.

Technology continues to develop, and as Christmas time approaches many people will take advantage

of the computers, tablets and other devices that they have to try to find some sweet gifts and great

deals online leading up to Christmas Day. The students here are just a small number of the millions of

people that will engage in online shopping before Christmas this year.

With finals to ace, college football bowl games to watch, Christmas parties to attend and houses and

trees to decorate, many students will find that shopping online to satisfy their Christmas wish list.

This will save them both time, money and maybe even from getting in a few scuffles with other

Christmas shoppers at stores like Target, Academy, Best Buy and many others.

Here is a closer look at some great websites to look into for finding some bargains and diamonds in

the rough when it comes to gifts under the Christmas tree. has long held the reputation of being the best site to score great deals as you pick out

anything from tennis shoes or books to Christmas presents. It is tough to find prices any lower than

Amazon, and this popular site is home to the most items and greatest variety of gifts that a

determined online Christmas shopper or student looking for a great deal could find.

For the more preppy student, sites like and are great for buying

some brand new preppy clothes for the New Year. Vineyard Vines’ site offers great deals on shipping,

including free ground shipping through December 18 and next day shipping through December 23.

With this kind of smooth and convenient shipping schedule, it would be hard to pass up the

opportunity of buying some Vineyard Vines clothes and accessories online to put under the tree.

Southern Tide’s site takes a different but creative approach to attracting its online Christmas


Southern Tide displays a holiday gift guide on its site,, where students can easily

find gifts by price or for a specific family member, including some cool stocking stuffers.

Southern Tide even ships for free when your order goes over $99 as part of their complimentary

shipping policy.

Like Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide also has great deals for getting your southern clothes, belts or

even Croakies shipped to your door quickly and efficiently.

For students who want to hit the field and play ball over the winter break and during the New Year,

head to sites like and

Academy’s site has gift ideas grouped by price and also offers a daily deal, so every day there is an

opportunity to get a bargain on anything from a fishing pole, sportswear, a set of golf clubs and even

some brand new Nike kicks.

Sports Authority has another great website that allows students and athletes alike to find great sports

gifts for Christmas.

They offer free shipping with no minimum purchase and also have several great deals such as $10 off

any purchase of $50 or more and $30 off any purchase of $150 or more.

For kids who are looking are looking for a special gift for a special lover for the holiday season, there

are many excellent stores and gifts you can go buy these gifts for cheap. Your best choice for finding

the perfect gift is to shop at Tiffany and Co. or James Avery.

Tiffany and Co. offers the finest craftsmanship with diamond bracelets and necklaces.

Most of the jewelry is top dollar, but you can find a beautiful diamond charm bracelet for around


James Avery is a good stop for a Christmas gift if you are coming down to the wire on Christmas

shopping and do not want to spend more than $200.

James Avery offers beautifully crafted necklaces and charm bracelets with unique designs. Girls will

fall in love with a James Avery necklaces and charm bracelets because they come in all shapes and

sizes, plus they look a lot more expensive than they are worth.

So whether you are a student who likes to look good in the latest fashion, buy the newest sports gear

so they can look good and play good, or just flat out get some cool gifts online this Christmas, these

sites have what you are looking for and more.



James Grant is a senior at St. Thomas.