Holiday traditions unite family, friends


By Henry Fisher
Eagle Staff

You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m telling you why.

With the holidays coming and Christmas just around the corner the main concern for a lot of children

is being placed on Santa’s naughty list.

Since the dawn of Christmas, when St. Nicholas went to Bethlehem to give baby Jesus an iPhone 6,

there has been two lists that determine if Santa will reward you for your behavior.

Three easy things that you can do every day to help your chances of getting on the nice list is:

Listen to your parents, work hard at every single thing that you do, and treat others how you would

like them to treat you. If you are able to execute these three things your chances will exponentially


“That is a hard question – I would tell people not to cheat or lie,” junior Drew Guidroz. “I am able to

do this by writing down everything I do on the weekends because sometimes I have trouble

remembering what I did.”

The basic idea of these list is that if you are good all year Santa will reward you on Christmas morning

with something like an Xbox or a bike.

This seems really simple, however, being good for a whole year can be really long and hard, not to

mention boring.

Being “naughty” is a lot easier than being “good” for most people.

But with a little bit of effort you can get everything that you want for Christmas.

“I have been on Santa’s good list for the past 8 years,” junior Ryan Tully said. “However, this year to

get on Santa’s good side I need to stop pretending to be coach Kwok, especially during basketball


There are some very simple things that you can do to give you some brownie points with ole’ St. Nick.

First off, do not do anything illegal.

“Not doing anything that I should not do will definitely be the most difficult part,” junior Blake Steele

said. “However, I am trying to bring more holiday joy with my unique dance moves.”

Steele went onto say, “Ya, dancing is one of my ways, I also spit some great rhymes.”

Basically getting on the good list is not hard.

“I just help out around the house, keep people updated about recent Rockets news, and recycle

whenever I can,” junior Garrett Sorrels said.

Doing the simple things every day that is the right thing to do will help your chances of being penciled

in on Santa’s list.

Trying to be good for an entire year can definitely be a major burden, but the rewards will outweigh

the efforts.

Depending on how good you are throughout the course of the year Santa will reward you with

everything on your list (if it is in your parent’s budget.)

So be good this year and help spread the Christmas spirit and all of your holiday dreams will come


Or be a bad kid and get stuck with a lump of coal or some mediocre gifts, like socks and enjoy your

subpar Christmas .



Henry is a senior at St. Thomas and is the M.E. of The Eagle. He is commonly referred to as “The Enforcer” by staff members and section editors. He is a shrewd man with strong views on almost everything. Not only is he a star in the Publications Lab, but he is a modern day Picasso on the links. He aspires to play collegiate golf after a stellar high school career in the grueling conference that is TAPPS 5A. He is by far Mr. Cuccia’s favorite student as well.