Nothing can replace the true Christmas tree


By John Hetmaniak
Eagle Staff

As another year has passed, quicker and quicker as it seems, another Christmas season has arrived.

Christmas is truly perhaps “The Happiest Time of the Year.”

With colder weather, Christmas music, the break from school and Christmas itself, it is hard to

fathom a better holiday season.

Moreover, there are many special elements to the Christmas season.

There are lights, presents, sometimes snow, but most importantly, the Christmas tree.

The Christmas tree is perhaps one of the most essential items for the Christmas season. However,

there are many types.

The two largest categories of trees, obviously, fall under real and artificial. Nevertheless, nothing

declares a true Christmas spirit more than decorating the house with a real, live Christmas tree.

A Christmas tree is an essential element to the Christmas season.

Therefore, it is important to acquire the right one.

Although an easy solution may come across as an artificial tree, it is not the right one.

Artificial trees do not have the same characteristics that a real tree brings to the Christmas season.

Although they are easy to set up, do not require as much maintenance and are reusable, they cannot

compare in terms of spirit and character to that of a real tree.

The distinguished scent, unique look and holiday glow can only come from that of a real tree.

The effort required for the maintenance and preparation of a real Christmas tree truly shows


Moreover, there is not a better way to break in the holiday than setting out to find that “perfect tree.”

Therefore, the first step to this holiday tradition is knowing a place to acquire such a great Christmas


There are many places to acquire a real, live Christmas tree that is adequate for a festive Christmas


There are garden centers, hardware stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot and even smaller local

lots around neighborhoods.

Any of these locations will suffice for finding a great and alive tree.

However, one of the most enjoyable experiences of the Christmas season is setting out on a voyage to

find a tree from none other than Mother Nature herself.

This is not easy due to homework, preparing for final exams and the time needed to drive out into the


On the other hand, it is possible to be a “Clark Griswold” this holiday season by getting a tree from

nature itself as opposed to a trip to the store.

This can be easily made into a short road trip that brings tons of excitement to the holiday season.

Finding the right Christmas tree out in the forest truly shows determination.

Old tradition as well as determination to find the perfect tree.

While others may be satisfied with finding an artificial tree from a department store, true men take a

challenge with Mother Nature to amount to the true Christmas experience.

Finally, decorating the tree is truly the reward of all the effort put forth to get it.

A decorated artificial tree comes across as dull, bland and ordinary due to the fact that it looks the

same as every other artificial tree.

However, only a real live tree looks unique among its competitors.

A decorated artificial tree looks lousy compared to a real decorated tree.

Showing uniqueness, quality and character, one can truly decorate his/her real tree with pride.

Moreover, the real Christmas tree experience is second to none and is the ultimate necessity for this

Christmas season.

Ultimately, Christmas is about happiness, joy and being thankful. Celebration is essential to the

Christmas season.

Nevertheless, the best way to start of the Christmas season celebration is by finding the perfect tree.

No tree is perfect but only true uniqueness can be found with a real tree.

In conclusion, never settle for second place, especially when it comes to Christmas.

Whether it be a Charlie Brown tree, or a Clark Griswold tree, a real tree is the right choice for you for

the 2014 Christmas season.