Students crave dead week before finals


By Karch Calkins
Eagle Staff

Finals are the most stressful part of the entire school year. A single test that is worth a quarter of your

final grade can make a sane man crazy.

Therefore, students need a week before finals that is test free, quiz free and homework free week is

completely devoted to final reviews.

The worst thing that can happen is when a teacher decides to put a test on the last day of class before

finals start. This is extremely counterproductive. Students do not know whether or not they know the

material they were just tested on because there is no time between the test and the final for the

student to get their test back and figure out what they did wrong. Now the students will get the same

questions wrong twice.

This past week I had a major project due Tuesday, two tests on Thursday and a test on the last day of

class before finals.

Why do some continue to preach about preparing for finals ahead of time, when there is no time? Not

to mention receiving study guides a mere few days for the exam on top of finishing up a lap with a

test. Between extra-curricular activities and teachers giving last minute tests, there is no time before

finals to study ahead.

If a dead week is put in place, students would be able to use the time they have to study for finals

instead of working on current work.

As a result students would be far less stressed about their finals. They would not have to cram the day

over the weekend and the day before the third day of finals.

Students get higher grades, teachers look better, and at the same time everybody is less stressed

because their workload is not compressed in a monumentally shorter period of time.

Obviously the logic of why dead week is beneficial is there.

The only question now is how to make this a reality.

The student body as a whole needs to present this to the administration, and get them to like the idea

so they can then take it to the teachers to talk about the possibility.

If we start with the teachers it will not work because they will not, for the most part, want to give up

any days that they use to teach and give tests.

Without a dead week, students are bombarded with last-minute tests, quizzes and projects and are

left with no time to prepare for their upcoming finals.

Even with this being the case, teachers continually preach that we should be preparing as early as

Thanksgiving break.

This is where a dead week comes into play perfectly.

It gives students a great chance to prepare for finals, get a good grade and go into the holidays in high