Winter S.L.A.B. Watch


By William Doheny
Eagle Staff

Wilkinson  (3)
Senior George Wilkinson cruises around Houston with his posse in his baby blue 2007 Volkswagon Eos.

Gbaby Wilkes brings the heat to the winter

SLAB watch with his 2007 Volkswagon Eos.

Wilkinson’s under the radar SLAB displays the

wonder of German engineering.

“The twin turbo really gives it that extra umph

so when something goes sour I can get outta


With its convertible roof and sleek body work

the Eos is an inconspicuous winter SLAB.

Wood (3)
Senior Matthew Wood needs two parking spots for his jacked up 03’ Ford F-150. You might also catch his car covered in mud from his off-roading experience from the weekend.

Wood’s 2003 Ford F-150, is one of the biggest

SLABs on campus.

It boasts a six inch lift with 35 inch Toyo open

country mud terrain tires.

“I love my truck,” Wood said. “I like to look at

other cars and how small they are, and that

makes me feel good”.

Wood’s truck is an impressive specimen and it

probably gets him a ton of girls. The toolbox is

the best accessory for stashing his tools just in case his car gets stuck in the mud or if he needs to do

help fix some babe’s car on the side of the road.


Nebel (4)
You can see Mr. Nebel’s orange kayak in his room during school, but during the weekend, you might see him taking on rapids down Buffalo Bayou.

SLABs come in all shapes and sizes.

Fine Arts Dean Mike Nebel’s kayak is a real

man’s vehicle.

He can be seen showing Buffalo Bayou who is

boss on a regular basis.

“When I retired from public school teaching I

wanted to relax, so I bought a kayak so I could

take on the biggest rapids I could find,” Nebel


In short Nebel has the manliest SLAB on campus.


Alo (4)
Sophomore Cameron Alo just pulled off the lot with the fratiest car. You might see him on the weekends driving up to Austin to hit up some UT fraternity parties.

Sophomore Cameron Alo drives a brand new

Chevrolet Tahoe.

The Hoe which is the LTZ version is definitely

one of the nicest SLABs on campus.

Even though it costs a lot, Alo’s Tahoe is not

really recognized as an over the top SLAB.

Alo’s ride is decked out with everything: heated

seats, navigation, leather and all the other

extras that come with a car that costs more

than some people make in a year.



Dworak (2) Web
Everyone knows of “The Mazda-ratti”. Senior Luke Dworak is the lucky man who gets to drive this sexy beast around town. Girls only dream to be picked up in “the mazda-ratti”.

“She don’t play around,” Dworak said when

asked about his SLAB.

The Mazdaratti is really a jack of all trades, it

shines on any terrain, it outclasses many other

vehicles, and it can hold its own on the track.

In celebration of the holiday season Dworak

has attached some reindeer antlers to his

vehicle. “I just keep it way too real. The fuzz

can’t handle the Mazdaratti’s swag,” Dworak