Athletic track squad begins highly anticipated season


By Max Machiorlette

Tri meet 4-15 Hawkins (35)
Athletic track squad begins highly anticipated season

Eagle Staff

As the seasons turn, and the rested legs of the

track stars awake from the long winter break,

the start of track season has begun.

The team is lead by a group of hardworking,

talented and experienced seniors. Senior JJ

DeForest has been running since his first run

June 29, 2000. Looking back on the past four

years on the team, DeForest has seen nothing but improvement.

“The track team has significantly improved in multiple events as well as their chemistry,” DeForest


Their tight relationship is bonded by their obvious captain, senior Aaron Hernandez. The “win state”

mentality is evident in senior Matthew Wood. When asked about his hopes for the season were for

nothing less than winning a state championship.

Although the seniors put the team on their back, underclassman are eager to prove their worth. The

track team runs in eight meets and the seniors know they cannot do it alone, especially the relay


“The relay team has improved the most,” junior William Heck said. “Aaron Hernandez, JJ DeForest,

David Jones and I have been putting in work on the track ever since our last meet and we know it’s

time to get some jewelry.”

Coming off a good freshman season, sophomore Krzysztof Kwiatkowski is eager to make fast


The entire team is led by an elite coaching staff, headed by former UH track prodigy, Nathan Labus.

Labus trains the squad all year round in rain, shine, or sleet, with about three or four weeks off.

Junior Ted Birkofer credits the team’s success to the team’s changes, implemented by Labus.

“Coach Labus has organized this season down to every single practice, with the mileage and times

we’re supposed to be hitting, “Birkofer said. “If we can hit these benchmarks, there’s no reason why

we can’t be the best team in Texas.”

The vigorous, detailed, but beneficial, practices are led by coaches who all have experienced great

success on the track.

The Eagles start their season home, hosting the Eagle Relays February 28th. The team hopes to see

2015 hanging in Reckling Gymnasium along side other state champions.