By James GrantWolf of St
Eagle Staff

Round-Up 2015 has finally begun and in a big


This means that students will be selling tons of

raffle tickets over the next few weeks to help this

great annual cause, as well as other students who

need financial aid.

Oh and there is one more thing that drives and motivates these students to sell as many raffle tickets

as possible: to break a new record for number of tickets sold and get some Fridays off in the spring.

For students who are new to this tradition, such as freshmen, there are plenty of great places where

you can set up shop and sell tons of raffle tickets.

Local parish churches draw many visitors during mass especially on Sundays. You can sell large

amounts of raffle tickets just by setting up a table outside of their parish church and selling lots of

tickets to church attendees and alumni alike.

There are other productive ways of selling raffle tickets though, one of which is over the phone.

The Phone-a-thon is an effective way of selling raffle tickets to alumni by calling them and asking if

they would like to generously donate to the annual cause.

The Phone-a-thon takes place after school normally for about an hour or two during the weeks

leading up to the final Round-Up assembly.

Some students who have participated in Phone-a-thon in the past have racked up more than a

thousand dollars in just one sitting at the Phone-a-thon. Therefore, this is by far one of the best ways

to sell raffle tickets to generous graduates.

All you need to do to sign up is go talk to Director of Student Activities Joe O’Brien in the Activities


There is still one other effective way though to sell a good amount of raffle tickets, and that is by

sending letters to past alumni sincerely asking them to buy some tickets.

Senior Jack Schrimsher is no stranger to this method, and as a four-year veteran in ticket selling he

shares his secret to success.

“I usually ask a parent first to buy raffle tickets and then I go to see Mr. O’Brien in the Activities

Office and sign up for some letters to mail off to St. Thomas grads, asking them how many tickets

they would like to buy,” Schrimsher said.

For Schrimsher and other students who have sent letters to alumni, this is a great way to generate

money by selling raffle tickets to support the financial aid efforts for one-third of the entire student


Round-Up is not all about how many raffle tickets sold.

More importantly, it helps students who need financial aid.

As St. Thomas continues to grow in size, financial aid is going to become an important piece in the

puzzle for getting more prospective students who rely on it to come to St. Thomas.

This will allow them to receive the education that they deserve, and student’s efforts during the

annual Round-Up season will cover any gaps in the financial aid process for future years.

Above all, if you want to support Round-Up and get some Fridays off, then get out and start selling

that quota.


James Grant is a senior at St. Thomas.